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The Radio Officer's War The Radio Officer's War
Ships, Storms & Submarines

By Harry Scott

The Radio Officer's War - Ships, Storms & Submarines is an exciting first-hand account of the dangers faced by the sailors of the British Merchant Navy during WWII. This is seen from the perspective Ian Robert Hendry Waddell a bright and gifted 20 year old, who joined the Merchant Navy in 1940 after qualifying as a Seagoing Radio Officer.

Ian made 14 crossings of the North Atlantic Ocean at a time when German U-boats were sinking a huge amount of Allied shipping. He wrote a series of journals, and wonderfully descriptive and amusing letters, about his life and work at sea. He also captured on film the dramatic events as his ship was bombed during the Allied landings in Norway. Ian also describes the harrowing scenes he and his shipmates witnessed, and the danger they faced, as they became involved in the dramatic rescue of the crew of a Royal Navy ship sunk by a U-boat. Harry Scott has woven this fascinating story into an extraordinary book by reproducing Ian's journals, letters and photographs along with explanations of context and historical detail.

The Radio Officer's War - Ships, Storms & Submarines is a fascinating glimpse of WWII from the perspective of a Radio Officer giving a real sense of the story, timing and history of the Atlantic War. Thoroughly recommended reading.

Size 150x225mm, 194 pages ISBN: 9781 4936 9721 2

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Non Member's Price 9.99
RSGB Member's Price 7.49 (25% OFF)

INSIDE ROOM 40 - The Code breakers of World War I INSIDE ROOM 40 - The Code breakers of World War I
By Paul Gannon

Winter Sale - HALF PRICE for RSGB Members

Many are familiar with the code breaking efforts of Bletchley Park during WWII however few are aware of the British code breaking efforts during WWI. Inside Room 40 sets out to explain the activities of the British code breakers and their successes during the 1914-18 World War.

Inside Room 40 is based on previously secret files which bring to life the hidden history of the British code breakers. From the very earliest luck of capturing a German Naval code book from a hapless German cruiser which ran aground in August 1914, through to the deciphering of the famous "Zimmermann" telegram that brought the United States into the 1st World War, it is all chronicled here. There are even details of the efforts of a few British radio amateurs who established a receiving system so sensitive that it picked up messages the Germans believed couldn't be overheard, so didn't even encode them. As coding technology developed so did Room 40, such that by the war end they were reading the messages used by German warships, U-boats and naval zeppelins, and breaking the ciphers used by the Germans to communicate with their naval attaches and embassies around the world. Inside Room 40 also details the methods used in code breaking, along with the early tabulating machines that were the forerunners of the "Colossus" computer famously used at Bletchley to break German codes in WWII.

For those who are unaware of the huge contribution made to the war effort by the code breakers of Room 40 this hardback book is a revelation. Inside Room 40 provides a detailed and comprehensive view of this little known area of WWI history.


Size 157x237mm, 294 pages, ISBN 9780-7110-3408-2

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Non Member's Price 19.99
RSGB Member's Price 9.99 (50% off)

UK Airfields of the Cold War UK Airfields of the Cold War
By Phillip Birtles

Winter Sale - HALF PRICE for RSGB Members

If you are interested in Cold War then UK Airfields of the Cold War is revelation. This Hardback book is a new study resulting from many years of research. The Cold War era of British history and in particular the airfield history and archaeology is covered by this fascinating book.

Respected expert Phillip Birtles gives readers an airfield by airfield coverage of those in operation from the start of the Cold War and the Berlin air-lift to the fall of the Berlin Wall at the end of the 1980s. The book covers both RAF/FAA and USAF airfields in Britain, and charts the changes that took place in this period including the development of aircraft from the first jet aircraft to aircraft types that are still flying today. With almost 200 photographs, maps and airfield plans, UK Airfields of the Cold War has unrivalled coverage of this period of aviation history.

Hardback 258x202mm, 160 pages ISBN: 9781 8578 0346 4

Non Member's Price 19.99
RSGB Member's Price 9.99 (50% off)

Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers  Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers
The Passive Defence of the Western World during the Cold War

By: Nick McCamley

Many will be aware that Britain is littered with a huge number of "Nuclear Bunkers" many of which are left over from the "Cold War". These relics represent the elaborate precautions that governments took to protect themselves in the event of nuclear war. However, for good reasons the precise nature of these arrangements has until now remained a closed book. Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers reveals for the first time the true extent of the preparations made.

Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers both surprises and fascinates with the scale and thoroughness of the installations and arrangements made. In the UK there were the London bunkers and the Regional War rooms built in the 50's to protect against the Soviet threat, and their replacement in 1958 by much more hardened, underground Regional Seats of Government and the unique Central Government War Headquarters at Corsham. The book also describes in fascinating detail a vast umbrella of radar stations that spanned from the Aleutian Islands through Canada to the North Yorkshire moors, all centred upon an enormous secret control centre buried below Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. This is complemented in the United Kingdom with a chain of secret radars codenamed 'Rotor' built in the early 1950's, and eight huge, inland sector control centres, built over 100' underground at enormous cost.

Readers will find that Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers provides coverage of the UK Warning and Monitoring Organisation with its underground bunkers and observation posts, as well as the little known bunkers built by the various local authorities and public utilities. You will also find details of the various bunkers built for the U.S Administration, and developments in Canada. The book even examines the lack of provision for the general population, comparing the situation in the USA and the UK with the Soviet Union.

This book is a hugely fascinating read that details a huge array of bunkers in the UK and further afield. Recommended reading for anyone interested cold war history or just the details of these largely 'off limits' structures.

156x232mm, 288 pages, ISBN: 9781783030101

Non Member's Price 14.99
RSGB Member's Price 11.24 (25% off)

Flying Saucer Technology Flying Saucer Technology
by Bill Rose

RSGB Member's Special Half Offer Price - Only £12.49

If you have ever wondered about flying saucers and perhaps even building your own this may well be the book for you. Flying Saucer Technology will for many people conjure up images of extraterrestrial spacecraft and aliens and although this book does extend into some areas that might be considered UFO territory, it aims to explore the serious subject of man-made flying saucers. This involves a certain amount of myth busting and an occasional step into the world of top-secret black projects, but the author has managed to provide a down-to-earth, balanced outlook on the subject.

Flying Saucer Technology is a hardback book that is packed with colour & mono pictures, line drawings and specifications. The book starts with the earliest proposals for man-powered circular winged flying machines and explores the history of pre-war circular and oval shaped aircraft, leading to the highly unusual American Flying Flapjacks and the controversial attempts by wartime German scientists to build a working flying disc. You will also find many of the Cold War flying saucer projects, including the extraordinary Canadian supersonic disc fighter and a top-secret long-range USAF ramjet bomber. There is an entire chapter dedicated to some of the little known lighter-than-air flying saucers and airships, which is a subject that has received little attention in the past. Many of the aircraft described in this publication have been dismissed as pure fantasy, but you will find histories and technical specifications are included. Flying Saucer Technology also examines misidentification and cover-ups, which should appeal to those conspiracy theorists, who value insights into secret technologies and hidden histories.

Flying Saucer Technology is packed with original information and images many of which are previously unseen. Regardless if you are planning to build a flying saucer or not, this book is a great read and fascinating guide to the subject.

Hardback Size 220x285mm, 160pages, ISBN: 9781 8578 0323 5

Non Member's Price 24.99
RSGB Member's Price 12.49 (50% off)

Alinco DX-SR8E Offer Alinco DX-SR8E Offer

RSGB Members Only Special Offer

In a special deal negotiated with Nevada Communications the RSGB is pleased to offer the Alinco DX-SR8 at an extra special price of only £479 including FREE UK delivery instead of the usual retail price of £599. At this price this is the lowest cost HF transceiver of this type currently available on the UK market

The Alinco DX-SR8 is a compact, dependable and easy-to-operate HF transceiver. From its detachable front panel and front-facing speaker to its logically laid out controls, the DX-SR8 is an intuitive design achievement. The DX-SR8 is engineered to be a quality transceiver able to endure heavy-duty cycles and harsh operating environments. There are many convenient features and a variety of setup parameters that will enhance its performance under demanding operating conditions.

* Coverage of All short-wave and HF amateur bands

Covers the 160m to 10m amateur bands) in SSB, CW, AM and FM modes. Output power is 100W SSB CW and FM, 40W in AM with low and super-low power settings for ORP operation. In addition, the general coverage receiver covers 135KHz to 30MHz in all modes.
* Detachable front control panel
Completely detachable front control panel with large LCD display lets you install the radio with greater flexibility whether in your car, boat or your shack. (Optional EDS-17 cable required)
* Direct frequency entry via the key pads
Whilst the main dial tunes at the default to 10Hz/resolution (adjustable in set mode), the numerical key pads can be used for fast direct frequency input, band selection and more.
* Fight QRM with these STANDARD features
Reject unwanted signals with the IF shift. Choose a narrow filler, a noise-blanker or use AITITXIT to stay out of QRM.
* World Class quality audio
A dynamic microphone and a speech compressor come standard for sharp, clear and powerful transmitting audio.
* Enhanced scan modes
A variety of scan modes are available including Priority Search, Busy, Timed, Memory and Programmed scans. Timed scan setting does not require squelch-mute so you are able to monitor data-modes and broadcasts conveniently with memory search scan.
* Additional convenient features include
RF Attenuator and Pre-amplifier selectable in 4 steps / 3 TX power output levels with a Super-Low setting (QRP 0.1W-2W variable) / Dual VFO / 600ch memories in 3 banks / Connections for Auto-antenna tuner and Liner amplifier ALC output / Fully independent AF level squelch, RIT and IF shift knobs / Dial lock and key lock / TX-AX lamp / Alphanumeric display / Auto--power-off / CTCSS encode for 10m FM repeater accesses / Microphone, Headphone and External speaker jacks on the front panel / Large, temperature-controlled internal cooling fan with anti-overheat output power limiter / High-SWR protection, and much more

The Alinco DX-SR8 delivers a high quality radio package at a great price with this RSGB Members only offer.

Please note that this offer is ONLY available to RSGB Members and is shipped from Nevada direct to the customer. P&P for this item is free for UK customers but any other postage charges for books etc is additional. For areas not considered UK, please contact for the most economic carriage options and an accurate quote on the charges or select the option below and we will add the appropriate charge and confirm this to you by email on receipt.

Price: 479.00

Non UK Delivery @ £25.00 (corrected later)
UK Postage @ FREE

Yaesu FT-252E Package Offer Yaesu FT-252E Package Offer

RSGB Members Only Special Offer

In a special deal with Waters and Stanton the RSGB are able to offer the FT-252 as an extra special package only available to RSGB members. In addition to this great radio at a specially discounted price £10.00 off the usual retail price, you also get a bonus goodie pack with it worth over £20.

Not only is the FT-252 a compact, simple to operate handheld radio they have ruggedly constructed water resistant bodies, sealed tight to meet IPX5 protection standards. There is a bright backlit LCD display and the body of the radio has a new ergonomic design with a great feel. With up to 5 Watts of RF power, along with loud audio output (800mW) the FT-252 is packed with popular and valuable features demanded by Amateur Radio operators. The radio has 200 memory channels with 10 flexible memory banks, CTCSS/DCS encode/decode, multiple scanning modes, Dual-watch, Automatic Repeater Shift, and ATS (Automatic Transponder System).

Free Goodie Pack
When you order this package from the RSGB it will be supplied by Waters & Stanton with a Yaesu baseball cap, European Locator Map and the RSGB book Guide to VHF/UHF Amateur Radio by popular author Ian Poole, G3YWX. This goodie pack is worth over £20 and is a great addition to a great radio.

Main Features of Radio
o New Ergonomic design and Large Backlit LCD Display
o High Power Output: 5 Watts (FNB-124LI)
o Loud 800 mW Audio output
o ATS (Automatic Transponder System)
o 200 Memory Channels in 10 Memory banks for Channel allocation
o Emergency Operation {Alarm, Flash, Morse Code Message)
o Password Protection
o CTCSS and DCS Encode/Decode, with split tone & DCS Encode-only
o Scanning Mode: VFO / Memory / PMS / Dual Watch
o Nine DTMF Auto-dialer memories
o Transmit Time-Out-Timer (TOT} and Automatic Power-Off (APO)
o Busy Channel Lock-Out (BCLO)
o Automatic Repeater Shift (ARS)

Please note that this offer is ONLY available to RSGB Members and is shipped from Waters & Stanton direct to the customer. P&P for this item is £7.50 but any other postage charges for books etc is in additional. For areas not considered UK mainland, please contact for the most economic carriage options and an accurate quote on the charges or select the option below and we will add the appropriate charge and confirm this to you by email on receipt.

NOTE: Due to the very low price no other discounts or vouchers are accepted on this product
Click here for a larger image and specification

Price: 69.95

Non UK Delivery @ £12.00 (corrected later)
UK Postage @ £7.50

Building Successful HF Antennas Building Successful HF Antennas
By Peter Dodd, G3LDO

33% OFF the usual rrp for RSGB Members

Any metal structure can be made to radiate - to work as an antenna - provided it can be persuaded to accept RF power from a transmitter. But is it working effi ciently? How can it be improved?

Well-known antenna expert Peter Dodd explains what makes an effective HF antenna, how to build one and how to measure its performance. The book deals with real locations, such as small gardens, apartment blocks, lofts, etc and how to obtain optimum performance within the constraints of your location.

The construction of all manner of antennas is described including single and multi-band antennas, with and without the need for an ATU. There are also simple wire antennas, loops alongside beams such as the Quad and Yagi. There are variations on these which use less space. Feeding, matching and tuning are included as well as how to terminate coaxial cable in a variety of plugs. Peter’s construction experience really comes into its own in the chapters on hardware, construction and masts. There is advice on how to check that your antenna is working using a few simple pieces of test equipment.This is quite simply everything you will need to make the best use of your location, and to build a successful HF antenna.

Sorry - the discount quoted in February 2014 RadCom was incorrect - the correct calculation is shown here.

Size 240x174mm, 224 pages, ISBN 9781-9050-8643-6

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Non Member's Price 14.99
RSGB Member's Price 9.99 (33% off)

Homebrew Cookbook Homebrew Cookbook
By Eamon Skelton, EI9GQ

**** REDUCED PRICE NOW ONLY £9.99 ****

If you are interested in home construction, Eamon Skelton, EI9GQ is the acknowledged expert in this field. The RadCom columnist on the subject, Eamon brings his enthusiasm, common sense and easy to understand approach to the Homebrew Cookbook, such that readers will be reaching for their soldering iron with inspiration.

Homebrew Cookbook starts with the very basics of hombrew and progresses to advanced topics. There are construction methods that take you right through all the main techniques from dead-bug layouts through to dedicated printed circuit designs. The PCB section is packed with simple ideas that will allow you to make PCBs cheaply and easily without any specialist equipment. Eamon even shows you how to use sunshine or cheap halogen security lights as a UV source! Construction projects start with receiver designs and a simple direct conversion receiver, followed by a more sophisticated superhet receiver. Homebrew Cookbook also includes an SSB transmitter, PA and a VHF transverter. All the designs are modular, making it very easy to extract sections for other uses and adapt the designs to suit your needs. Where test equipment is required Eamon has simple circuits on hand to allow you to build your own rather than have to buy commercial equipment. Eamon also deals with homebrew antennas with lots of useful tips for making practical and effective antennas with junk-box components. Through the book is an adherence to homebrew principles as all projects use simple construction techniques with cheap, readily obtainable, components. Eamon even tells you how to make the most of eBay to find what you need.

The Homebrew Cookbook is an edited, updated book of Eamon's writings from the pages of RadCom and a fantastic reference with simple, well-proven solutions to most construction problems. Homebrew Cookbook will have you itching to dust off the soldering iron and start construction.

174x240mm, 208 pages ISBN: 9781 9050 8657 3

Price: 9.99

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ARRL Pic Programming for Beginners

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Circuit Overload

Circuit Overload

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Virtual Radar Explained Virtual Radar Explained
By Mike Richards, G4WNC

33% OFF the usual rrp for RSGB Members

Virtual Radar Explained covers the world of aeronautical Virtual Radar which is the common name given to the reception and plotting of ADS-B transmissions from aircraft. The use of ADS-B by commercial air traffic has revolutionised the amount of information available to aviation enthusiasts and this unique book covers the subject from just about every angle.

With the majority of commercial flights broadcasting their position twice a second, ADS-B receive systems can produce a virtual radar display on your home PC. From the early days of the wartime pioneers through to the very latest multilateration systems - it's all in the book. ADS-B and Mode-S signals get special attention with a detailed look at their message and transmission systems.

Virtual Radar Explained provides full details and how to get the most from the of all the mainstream hardware and software offerings including: AirNav Radarbox, Kinetic SBS-1, Planegadget and Planeplotter. There is also coverage of how to install effective antennas and feeders for Virtual Radar systems. For home-brew fans, there is information on the "build your own" options that are available via the internet, along with an explanation of some of the technicalities of ADS-B reception.

This very comprehensive book covers just about every angle of Virtual Radar from historical development through to home-brew. Virtual Radar Explained will be of great interest to the all aviation enthusiasts and existing users of Virtual Radar alike.

ISBN: 9781-9050-8660-3 Size 174x240mm 64 pages

Non Member's Price 6.99
RSGB Member's Price 4.68 (33% off)

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abc Air Traffic Control (10th Edition)

abc Air Traffic Control (10th Edition)

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HF Antennas for Everyone HF Antennas for Everyone
Edited by Giles Read, G1MFG

**** Special Price NOW ONLY £9.99, that's 33% off the usual rrp****

The RSGB has always published the very best antenna designs available to the radio amateurs. From the most complex to the very basic, these antennas have provided radio amateurs with much food for thought and practical designs to build. HF Antennas for Everyone draws on 90 of these RadCom and Radio Communication articles from the last forty years, providing a comprehensive collection of HF antennas, with something for everyone.

The selection in this book is a deliberate mix of the traditional and more recent designs. Sub divided into broad sections including horizontal, vertical and loop antennas, there is much variety to be found here. Looking back at the earlier decades it is amazing to see how many of the aerial giants, such as Louis Varney, G5RV have written for the RSGB. There is however much more than this. Conventional wisdom of HF antennas says you will need lots of space and money in order to put up suitable aerials. HF Antennas for Everyone shows that no matter the size of the available space you will find antenna designs that will help you get your signals in and out. Feeders are also not forgotten with a section devoted to this fascinating and often overlooked topic. But what if your local regulations prohibit the erection of antennas? That needn't get in your way, because this book even contains a section on Stealth antennas that are either essentially invisible or disguised as something quite different.

It is often said that there is nothing new in aerials, but HF Antennas for Everyone shows this isn't so. This book demonstrates a considerable number of developments and innovations from the last 20 years in particular, that show designers are starting to find innovative solutions to the age-old problems.

Whichever bands you want to work on, whatever the state of the sunspot cycle and however large or small your garden, in HF Antennas for Everyone you'll find an antenna that will get you heard.

Size 240x174mm, 336 pages ISBN: 9781 9050 8659 7

Price: 9.99

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Backyard Antennas

Backyard Antennas

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The Cable The Cable
Wire to the New World

By Gillian Cookson

The Cable - The Wire to the New World is an updated special RSGB edition that has been produced in conjunction with History Press. This is the compelling story of how the first transatlantic communication cable was laid, the trials, the successes and the failures involved.

The Cable - Wire to the New World
tells the story from its earliest beginnings, the technical challenges faced, the disasters and even the technical failures that ensued. Many people who dared, the people who lost, and the people who profited are detailed here in this fascinating story. The dramatic attempts to cross the Atlantic during the 1850s and 1860s from the first failed attempts to the project that finally succeeded are all here. An inconceivably audacious attempt to overcome the forces of nature in the name of human progress and technology, the laying of the cable was to change forever our means of communication. The speed with which information could now be transmitted was unprecedented and revolutionized the face of news and the global economy.

For those interested in the technical challenges that faced the mid nineteenth century communication pioneers The Cable - Wire to the New World is a fascinating read and thoroughly recommended.

Size 125x198mm 192 pages ISBN: 9780 7524 8786 1

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Non Member's Price 9.99
RSGB Member's Price 7.49 (25% OFF)

Haynes Raspberry Pi Workshop Manual Haynes Raspberry Pi Workshop Manual
A practical guide to the revolutionary small computer
By: Gray Girling

25% OFF the rrp for RSGB Members

If you are not familiar with the Raspberry Pi computer the Haynes Raspberry Pi Manual is the perfect introduction. The Raspberry Pi is a revolutionary, fully functioning small computer that can be purchased for a few pounds. Packed with possibilities this book provides a simple and straightforward guide to getting started with Raspberry Pi.

The Haynes Raspberry Pi Manual is written as a recipe book with sections titled variously, How to cook, Software recipes, Meal plans, etc. Within each section you find projects and how to guides on a vast array of possibilities that the Raspberry Pi offers. With expert authorship and the trademark Haynes 'how to' approach, this is the manual everyone needs to get started with the Raspberry Pi.

Trying something new is never that easy but the Haynes Raspberry Pi Manual certainly provides a great start.

Hardback Size 270 x 210mm, 176 pages ISBN: 9780 8573 3295 0

Non Member's Price 17.99
RSGB Member's Price 13.49 (25% off)

Haynes Linux Manual Haynes Linux Manual
Everything you need to get started with Ubuntu Linux

By: Mike Saunders

Linux is a computer operating system that has a reputation for being extremely reliable, secure and virus free. It is also free. Linux is now being used widely across the web and even as the Google operating platform. The Raspberry Pi computers and many amateur radio applications are now also based in the open source world of Linux. Despite this many are still frightened of moving away from the more traditional Windows and Mac platforms. The Haynes Linux Manual sets out to explain everything you need to get started using the Linux platform. The book covers from the basic install that even allows you to keep your original windows setup, through to Advanced Linux and even Python programming.

The Haynes Linux Manual is a complete introduction to the free, open-source Linux operating systems, and specifically Ubuntu, which is currently the most popular distribution of Linux. With 500 colour illustrations this book provides simple step by step guides to all the best features of Linux and it will have you operating the system in no time. Covering topics as diverse as Installation, Office Work, Multimedia, Administration, Advanced Linux and programming, there is something here for everyone.

FREE CD: The book comes complete with a bootable CD containing of Ubuntu Linux. So readers will be able to trial Ubuntu on their computer by simply running the CD, or do a full install of the programme.

If you have ever wondered about trying Linux or starting to use some of those amateur radio applications written in this language then the Haynes Linux Manual provides the ideal guide to this fascinating area of computer technology.

Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 176 pages, ISBN: 9781 8442 5970 0

Non Member's Price 19.99
RSGB Member's Price 14.99 (25% off)

Ian Fleming and SOE's Operation Postmaster Ian Fleming and SOE's Operation Postmaster
The Untold Secret Story

By Brian Lett

This book highlights inspiration for Ian Fleming's James Bond and the true story of a force of 'licensed to kill' secret agents, commanded by a real war time secret service chief code named M. The author highlights those with whom Ian Fleming worked, and upon whom his James Bond stories were based.

Brigadier Colin Gubbins was M, the Special Operations Executive (SOE) was his Secret Service, Professor Dudley Newitt was Q and Captain Gus March-Phillips commanded 'Maid of Honor Force', the team of 'James Bonds' who, in a daring operation, sailed a Q ship to West Africa and stole three enemy ships from a neutral Spanish port on the volcanic island of Fernando Po. Ian Fleming worked closely with M to oil the wheels that made the operation possible, and prepared the cover story, in which the British Government lied in order to conceal British responsibility for the raid. M's agents prepared the ground on Fernando Po, even enmeshing the Governor in a honey trap. March-Phillips and his SOE team carried out the raid successfully in January 1942, despite much opposition from the local regular Army and Navy commanders, and in the face of overwhelming odds. Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden told Fleming's lies on the international stage, denying any British complicity in the operation. As a result, a secrecy embargo enveloped Operation POSTMASTER until recently.

This book details this thrilling operation, and the men who carried it out and were the inspiration for Fleming's James Bond. This is recommended reading for anyone who is interested in SOE or the real life origins of fictional James Bond 007.

Hardback 272 pages, 163x243mm ISBN: 9781 7815 9000 3

Non Member's Price 19.99
RSGB Member's Price 14.99 (25% off)

Spooks: The unofficial History of MI5 Spooks: The unofficial History of MI5
by Thomas Hennessey & Claire Thomas

The Spooks books seek to set out the history of one world's most famous secret service organisations - MI5. Covering the periods 1939-45 and 1945-2009 these unofficial histories tell the story of the WWII activities through the cold war, the IRA, right up to Al Qaeda and 7/7.

The Spooks books are based on previously secret sources and lift the lid on Britain's Security Service. The 1939-45 edition deals with its battle against German espionage during WWII, the Security Service, through brilliant officers such as Guy Liddell, Dick White and the fearsome spy-breaker, 'Tin-eye' Stephens. There are details of MI5's interrogation centre, Camp 020 and the Double Cross (XX) agents from such as the dynamic, womanising petty criminal ZIGZAG, the suave TRICYCLE and the aptly named CARELESS. Operation FORTITUDE is detailed with MI5's agents BRUTUS and GARBO who were central to the success of the greatest deception in modern military history: convincing Hitler that the D-Day landings in Normandy were an elaborate diversion to the 'real' Allied landings at Calais.

The 1945-2009 edition of Spooks looks in detail at MI5's role in the post-Cold War world; in particular, they consider its changing role as it took on the main responsibility in countering terrorist threats to Britain. Controversy has never been far away during MI5's battle against the IRA, which included sending deep penetration agents into the heart of Northern Ireland's terrorist organisations. And in the twenty-first century, MI5 has had to face the deadliest terrorist threat of all - from Al Qaeda. The book looks at MI5's attempts to prevent mass murder on the streets of Britain, including the failure to stop the 7/7 bombings in London in 2005.

Spooks - The Unofficial History of MI5 SORRY SOLD OUT
from Agent Zig Zag to the D-Day Deception 1939-45
Size 124 x 198 mm, 288 pages ISBN: 9781 4456 0184 7

Spooks - The Unofficial History of MI5
From the First Atom Spy to 7/7 1945-2009
Size 124 x 198 mm, 384 pages ISBN: 9781 4456 0267 7

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Edition Required
Please select    1939-45 from ZIGZAG to D-Day (SPK1)    
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Non Member's Price 12.99   
RSGB Member's Price 9.74   

ENIGMA U-BOATS: Breaking the Code ENIGMA U-BOATS: Breaking the Code
By Jak P Mallmann Showell

Revised updated and made available for the first time as a paperback book ENIGMA U-BOATS: Breaking the Code is the true story of the Enigma machines taken from U-Boats in WW2.

ENIGMA U-BOATS: Breaking the Code is written by the acknowledged expert on the history of the U-boat arm in the Second World War. This book analyses the development of Enigma, following the story from the shocked German admirals who discovered that the Royal Navy had penetrated their secret radio codes during WW1. The response of the German navy to make a coding system, so complex that breaking their codes, would be theoretically impossible - the Enigma machine. There are details of the development of Enigma, its role during German U-boat operations, and the subsequent code-breaking work at Bletchley Park. This book examines in detail all the U-boats known to have been boarded by the Allies during the war from which Enigma machines could have been captured.

At a special 25% discount for RSGB members this book is a highly enjoyable read which details the story U-Boat and the Enigma story in WW2 and is thoroughly recommended reading.

Size: 194x130mm, 232 pages. ISBN 9780-7110-3396-2

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Non Member's Price 8.99
RSGB Member's Price 6.74 (25% off)

AeroFax Handley Page Victor AeroFax Handley Page Victor
By Phil Butler & Tony Buttler

Winter Sale - HALF PRICE for RSGB Members

The Handley-Page Victor was third and final aircraft in Britain's V-bomber fleet, built to carry the nuclear deterrent during the Cold War. Built during the 1950s and 1960s, the bomber was designed to fly higher and faster than contemporary fighter aircraft so that it could penetrate Soviet airspace with its deadly load unopposed. In later years, it switched to a conventional role and saw service in the Borneo conflict of 1962-66, when two B.1A aircraft flew the Victor's only offensive mission, during the Falklands War in the 1980s and in 1991 in the Gulf War as an in-flight refuelling tanker, before withdrawal later that year.

The Aerofax Handley Page Victor provides a complete and thorough history of the aircraft from its initial design, through the development period to its operational service. Much new information has been gathered together, and aviation historians and enthusiasts will appreciate the numerous unpublished photographs which have been included to illustrate the informative text.

Size 215x280mm, 144 pages ISBN: 9781-8578-0311-2

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Non Member's Price 19.99
RSGB Member's Price 9.99 (50% off)

AeroFax Vickers Valiant AeroFax Vickers Valiant
By Eric B Morgan

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The Valiant was the shortest lived of the post-war V-bomber force, first flying in 1951 and with production of 104 aircraft ending in 1957, and an official withdrawal in January 1965 after investigation had shown that the main wing spars were suffering from metal fatigue. It operated in four versions, the B.1 bomber, B(PR)1 bomber/photo-reconnaissance, B(K).1 flight refuelling tanker and B.PR(K).1 covering all three roles. Additionally several aircraft were modified for a variety of special roles. The all-black B.2 low level pathfinder bomber was flown as a prototype in 1953. Valiants participated in British atomic bomb tests and made noteworthy long-distance flights, principally operating from Marham and Gaydon. In a change of task shortly before retirement, the aircraft were painted in a camouflage scheme better suited to their new low-level penetration role. In addition to the many photographs and drawings the book also includes a full history of each aircraft built.

Size 215x280mm, 144 pages ISBN: 9781-8578-0134-7

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Haynes Owner Workshop Manual for Supermarine Spitfifre Haynes Owner Workshop Manual for Supermarine Spitfifre
By Alfred Price & Paul Blackah

The iconic Supermarine Spitfire is the high point of many air shows and they turn heads where ever they are seen. This famous aircraft now receives the Haynes Owners Workshop Manual treatment. Written with the full co-operation and authorisation of the Royal Air Force this fascinating book provides a unique perspective on what it takes to own, restore and operate a Spitfire. This is a wonderful insight into the engineering and construction of this remarkable aeroplane. Presented mainly in colour, there are as you would expect cut away drawings, maintenance information and restorations tips. There is also a history of the Spitfire and even views from the cockpit and the engineer.

This highly detailed and attractively designed hard back book is based around the restoration of the Spitfire Mk XVI at RAF Coningsby. Providing an insight into owning, restoring, servicing and flying Britain's legendary World War 2 fighter - recommended reading

Size 270 x 210mm, 160 pages, ISBN 9781-8442-5462-0

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Haynes Owner Workshop Manuals Messerschmitt Bf109 Haynes Owner Workshop Manuals Messerschmitt Bf109
By: Paul Blackah & Malcolm Lowe

Produced as a sister volume to the Haynes Workshop Manual for Supermarine Spitfire this book provides the same treatment to the Luftwaffe's Messerschmitt Bf109. This single-seat fighter was the main combat adversary of the RAF's Hurricanes and Spitfires in the Battle of Britain.

This Haynes Owners Workshop Manual covers the history of the Bf109, restoration to flight, the views of owners, pilots and engineers, and operating and servicing insights. Data boxes cover Bf109 facts and figures, plus interviews with Luftwaffe pilots and modern-day owner-pilots. Illustrated with a mix of specially commissioned colour and archive photographs, the Bf109 Manual also includes illustrations from Luftwaffe official wartime servicing manuals, and coverage of restoration projects in the UK and overseas.

Hardback, Size 270 x 210mm, 160 pages, ISBN 9781-8442-5642-6

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Haynes Owner Workshop Manual for Apollo 11 Haynes Owner Workshop Manual for Apollo 11
By: Christopher Riley & Philip Dolling

If you are familiar with Haynes manuals in their various forms this hardback book is a delight. You may not have a Saturn V rocket or Lunar Module in need of a service but this book provides the insight if you do. This book is packed with over 300 pictures, diagrams, cutaways, flow diagrams and much more all in the familiar Haynes style. Readers will find included the story of the Apollo program, the development of the various Saturn rockets and the 'space hardware' that made it all possible.

This manual provides an insight into the work of the 400,000 people who before the age of micro computers, mobile phones and the internet achieved the technical miracle that is the Apollo programme. This book looks at the evolution and design of the mighty Saturn V rocket. There are specific chapters explaining the details of the Command & Service modules, the Lunar module and even the space suits themselves. We even learn about how the Apollo 11 mission was flown - from launch procedures to 'flying' the Saturn V and the 'LEM', and from moon walking to the earth re-entry procedure. Much is also devoted to the guidance, navigation and control along with details of the communications systems. The book details the cancelled J-class missions and addresses the conspiracy theories that surround the programme. Readers will also find appendices detailing all the Apollo missions and the fate of the rockets and spacecraft.

Released to coincide with the 40th Anniversary of the first man to walk on the Moon this book is a fascinating guide to the whole Apollo programme and thoroughly recommended.

Size 270 x 210mm, 196 pages ISBN: 9781 8442 5683 9

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Haynes Owner Workshop Manual for Avro Lancaster Haynes Owner Workshop Manual for Avro Lancaster
By: Jarrod Cotter and Paul Blackah

The legendary Avro Lancaster receives the famous Haynes manual treatment with the full co-operation and authorisation of the Royal Air Force. This hardback book provides rare and fascinating insight into how the Lancaster is constructed, flown, operated and how it is serviced and maintained.

This Haynes manual provides not only the history of the plane that Sir Arthur (Bomber) Harris described as "the greatest single factor in winning the war" but much more. Readers will find detailed sections with pictures, diagrams, cutaways of the anatomy of the aircraft. The "crew's view" is covered in depth with details of pre flight checks, start-up, take off, navigating and more. There is also the "engineers view" covering servicing of the aircraft and an "owner's view" for those lucky enough to acquire their own aircraft. The whole book filled with hundreds of supporting colour photographs and diagrams.

Written from the unique perspective of those who know what it takes to restore and operate a Lancaster, this manual provides as well as a wonderful insight into the engineering and construction of this remarkable aeroplane. This highly detailed and attractively designed book is a must for anyone interested in iconic Lancaster Bomber. .

Size 270 x 210mm, 160 pages ISBN: 9781 8442 5463 7

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The Story of Enigma CD The Story of Enigma CD

**** REDUCED PRICE NOW ONLY £5.99 ****

By Prof. Tom Perera, W1TP
The breaking of the Enigma Codes in World War II was one of the defining actions of the whole war. This CD looks at the Enigma machines themselves in amazing detail and brings to life how these machines were made and used. This CD also looks at the development of Enigma machines made by other countries after the war and detail is included of Russian, Swiss and American versions. In sixty sections you will find 5 videos, over 1400 photographs, schematics, nine Enigma books & manuals and two Enigma simulator programs. This CDcovers a huge array of detail from operating instructions,assembly and details of Enigma machines captured during the war and their value to Allied efforts. The CDgoes beyond the Enigma machines of WWII andcontains material on various derivations of these fascinating encryption devices. There are details of the American M-209 cipher machine including a 30-minute training film on its use. There is information on the FIALKA which is a recently discovered Russian Enigma machine, along with the Swiss pocket cipher machines. The CD is presented in an easy to use HTML format so any computer with an internet browser can use it easily. Some items on the CD do require other software to run and this has been included in the form of Mozilla Firefox (a web browser), Adobe Acrobat and Real Player (all PC versions).

At 697MB there is far more on this CD than we can hope to cover here. This is simply a gold mine of material for anyone interested in the subject of Enigma machines. This CD is thoroughly recommended as a remarkable resource for those researching the Enigma saga or anyone just interested in the topic.
ISBN 9781-9050-8622-1

Price: 5.99

World Licensing and Operating Directory World Licensing and Operating Directory
By Steve Telenius-Lowe, 9M6DXX


If you have ever thought of taking your radio on holiday or organising a DXpedition, the World Licensing and Operating Directory is the guide for you. Written by well known DXer Steve Telenius-Lowe, 9M6DXX who has visited 83 DXCC entities and operated from 37 of them, this book has been meticulously researched and has input from nearly 100 contributors. There is all the information you need to get on the air from over 200 countries and territories around the globe.

The World Licensing and Operating Directory is lavishly illustrated throughout with over 230 photographs and maps. There is information on how to obtain an amateur radio licence in almost every country in the world - but this is only part of the story. There is information on organising a DXpedition and "All you wanted to know about licensing (but were afraid to ask)". There is also a major section of the book that provides full details of how to rent more than 75 amateur radio stations around the globe - from Europe to the Pacific and from the Arctic to the Equator! There is a 32-page full-colour section with spectacular photographs of rental stations, including some of the most impressive antenna set-ups in the world.

This unique book will appeal equally to hardened contesters or DXers looking for a competitive station to rent and to those who simply want to complement their family holiday with some amateur radio operation from an unusual location.

ISBN: 9781-9050-8646-7, Size 240x170mm 160pages

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Full Circle Full Circle
A Dream Denied, A Vision Fulfilled

By Theodore J. Cohen

Solly's dream is for his son Teddy to one day become a concert violinist. Eventually he comes to understand and to endure the heartbreak of knowing that the dream never will be realized. As Solly watches, life takes Teddy from gifted violin student to adult engineer and scientist, leaving no time for the career in music Solly so dearly wants his son to pursue. In the end, there emerges the essence of redemption as Teddy returns to the violin late in life and fulfills his and his father's vision. The story, which is a work of fiction based on real events, will fascinate readers from ages ten to one hundred who are interested in radio, communications, and music and in how it was to grow up in a family whose members trace their heritage to that great wave of immigrants that crashed onto America's shores in the mid- to late 1800s.

Size 204x127, paperback, 216 pages, ISBN: 9781 4490 2914 2


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<span style='font-size: 18px;'><strong>NEW - Bascom Tutorial Microcontroler Programming Kit</strong></span> NEW - Bascom Tutorial Microcontroler Programming Kit
Bascom enjoys increasing popularity among newcomers and professional developers and has become something of a Basic standard for programmers. This tutorial kit is designed for entry and advanced level Bascom users with a simple solderless circuit board over 100 experiments can be developed from the components in the box.

This Bascom tutorial kit teaches both microcontroller basics with the corresponding ICA applications and the use of the FTDI FT232RL USB-to-UART bridge chip. The enclosed 220 page book provides an easy to understand course in programming using Bascom-AVR. There are also a host of experiments and the accompanying CD has all the source code you will need to get the most out of this fascinating tutorial kit. The CD also contains the various software tools used for program development.

Enclosed you will find:
220 page book of information and experiments
CD of source code
17 components and USB cable
Bascom solder less development circuit board

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Island Fever Island Fever
By Robin Jones

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If you have ever dreamed of mounting a DXpedition to a far flung part of the world, yet it has never come to pass, this book could easily be a trigger for something closer to home. Packed with potential IOTA activations, low noise enviroments, spots with a large body of salt water on the doorstep, Island Fever is a great book.

Britain is an island nation with hundreds of smaller islands off the mainland shores, each with its own distinct character. Island Fever provides an insight into the some the islands of England and Wales. There are forty chapters in this full colour hard back book covering hundreds of individual islands. Each chapter provides an insight into the islands covered in both text and pictures. From the Marconi's activity on Flat Holm in the Bristol Channel in 1897, through historic Lindisfarne, to the WWII Red Sands forts, this book is packed with interesting stories. The glossy pages host nearly 300 top quality photographs which highlight some of the well known and many lesser known scenic parts of the British Isles that may well tempt you into that DXpedition you have promised yourself.

Hardback, Size 224x 297mm, 160 pages ISBN 9780711034716

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IOTA Directory

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abc Civil Aircraft Markings 2011 abc Civil Aircraft Markings 2011
by Howard J. Curtis

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From airliners to microlights, abc Civil Aircraft Markings 2011 is a fully comprehensive guide that includes balloons, radio frequencies, airline flight codes and much else.

abc Civil Aircraft Markings 2011 continues to be the enthusiast's 'Bible' of every single British registered aircraft plus overseas airliners that can been seen in British airspace. In January 2010, the total number of aircraft on the register was in excess of 21,000 so this is a monumental work of reference. Included are airline codes for those carriers most likely to appear in or over the UK and radio frequencies for the large airports. The information remains easily and instantly accessible, and is alphabetically arranged by aircraft code, and gives model details and owner/operator information.

For plane spotters and air band enthusiasts alike abc Civil Aircraft Markings 2011 provides a complete and exhaustive listing of all aircraft likely to be seen in British skies.

Size 184x118 mm, 448 pages, ISBN 9781-8578-0348-8

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abc Military Aircraft Markings 2011 abc Military Aircraft Markings 2011
by Howard J. Curtis

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This latest edition of abc Military Aircraft Markings 2011 provide the most comprehensive guide to military aircraft to be seen in Britain's skies.

Covering all the latest developments that have affected military aviation throughout the world, abc Military Aircraft Markings 2011 will appeal to all aviation enthusiasts. This 32nd annual edition lists in alphabetical and numerical order military aircraft and covers powered, manned aeroplanes, helicopters, airships and gliders as well as target drones. Aircraft that carry a UK military serial and which are based, or might be seen, in the UK are included along with airworthy and current RAF/RN/Army aircraft that are based permanently or temporarily overseas. There are even aircraft withdrawn from operational use are retained in the UK for training purposes or preserved in museums and collections. The Irish Army Air Corps fleet is listed, together with the serials of other overseas air arms which might be seen in the UK. USAF, US Army and US Navy aircraft based in the UK and Western Europe, and types that regularly visit the UK from USA are each listed in separate sections by aircraft type. Veteran and vintage aircraft carrying overseas military markings but which are based in the UK are also listed. Comprehensive website information for all the museums, locations, air forces, companies and organisations are listed.

abc Military Aircraft Markings 2011 is an invaluable work of reference which is essential reading for all followers of military aviation development and an ideal pocket guide for spotters and air band enthusiasts alike.

Size 184x118 mm, 224 pages, ISBN 9781-8578-0347-1

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Images Across Space Images Across Space
The Electronic Imaging of Baird Television

By Dr. Douglas Brown

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Written Dr. Douglas Brown a leading authority on TV Images Across Space provides a unique and fascinating insight into the pioneers of television and in particular to Scottish inventor John Logie Baird. From the initial concept of television though to the patent for 3D TV that far surpasses that offered to modern consumers, this book gives a fascinating insight into the man and his developments.

Lavishly illustrated Images Across Space not only provides the background to the development of TV but the story of the Baird Television Ltd. up to its demise and its continuation as Cinema Television Ltd. There are many previously unpublished photographs that illustrate the level of sophistication practiced by the Baird Television Ltd. and revealing photographs of the Baird cathode-ray tube facility, laboratories in the Crystal Palace and Rotunda outbuilding, equipment installed at Alexandra Palace. The book reveals the implications of the devastating fire that spectacularly razed the Crystal Palace to the ground in 1936, taking with it the Baird facilities and an analysis of the television systems on trial for the BBC at Alexandra Palace. Readers will find this book a mine of fascinating material with even a comprehensive listing of the British patents of Baird and his associates at Baird/Cinema Television.

John Logie Baird is remembered as the inventor of the first working system of television but Images Across Space shows that there was much more to the story. Images Across Space is a rare book of technical detail and an extraordinary story - thoroughly recommended reading.

Size 176x250mm, 192 pages, ISBN 9781-8742-8921-0

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Perera's Telegraph Collectors Guide Perera's Telegraph Collectors Guide
By Prof. Tom Perera, W1TP

This is the third edition of the famous Perera's Telegraph Collectors Guide. Written by the leading expert on Telegraph Keys this book provides the reader with the comprehensive guide to telegraph keys. There is a historical background of telegraph keys and details of the types of keys available from the earliest 1830 varieties through to the present day. Morse code keys, spark & wireless keys, military keys from around the world and radio keys are all covered. There is also a wide range of material covering practice sets, semi-automatic keys (or "Bugs"), electronic keyers, paddles, home-made keys and even novelty items. There are even tips on restoring telegraph keys. The book also provides the latest guide prices for the keys along with a hugely valuable cross reference and comprehensive index of the material.

This book contains:
* Historical background
* Details of key types
* Hundreds of pictures
* Current key prices
* Tips on restoration
* Comprehensive & Cross-Referenced Index

This guide is ideal companion for anyone with an interest in telegraph keys and is a fascinating reference work on telegraph and Morse keys since their very inception

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Antennas for VHF and Above Antennas for VHF and Above

By Ian Poole, G3YWX

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The VHF, UHF and microwave bands provide an exciting opportunity for experimentation with antennas. This book from well known author Ian Poole is a fascinating guide to what can be achieved in these bands.

Antenna sizes at these frequencies mean that they do not occupy great amounts of space and most people can experiment with constructing their own antennas. Antennas for VHF and above, provides both the basic theory and constructional details for many antenna designs. Included there are different types of antenna from dipoles to Yagis, and verticals to log-periodic antennas and parabolic reflectors. The reader is taken through the essentials in Ian's easy-to-understand fashion with details of the way the antenna works and the constructional information needed. The reader will also find helpful chapters covering measurements and installation techniques.

Antennas for VHF and above, is a mine of information for anyone wishing to understand or construct antennas for the VHF, UHF and microwave bands. This book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in antennas, whether a newcomer or experienced hand.

Size 240x174mm, 144 pages ISBN: 9781 9050 8645 0

Price: 7.99

LF Today LF Today
a guide to success on 136 and 500kHz

New 2nd Edition

By Mike Dennison, G3XDV and Jim Moritz , M0BMU

The low frequency bands are relatively new to amateur radio. LF Today aims to help you get the most out of operating in this part of the spectrum by passing on the accumulated experience of those who have already found that low frequencies are both challenging and fun.

Based on the experience of the LF experimenters this LF Today provides the reader with a firm knowledge of these frequencies. This edition has been expanded to include the many revisions and updates that reflect the experimental work has been done on the 136kHz band, including gaining a greater understanding of low frequency sky-wave propagation. For the first time there are details of the special research frequencies using low power just above 500kHz. This book includes practical information on antennas, transmitters, receivers and propagation for these experimenters.

Written by the leading authorities on LF, Mike Dennison, G3XDV and Jim Moritz, M0BMU this book is aimed at those who want to try out this fascinating amateur allocation, but it is also of great value to anyone already active on the band. In short, LF Today contains all the information needed to succeed in 136 and 500kHz amateur radio.

ISBN: 9781 9050 8636 8 Size 174x240mm, 160 pages


Radio Propagation - Principles & Practice Radio Propagation - Principles & Practice

by Ian Poole, G3YWX

**** SALE ITEM £5.00 OFF USUAL RRP ****

Radio propagation is a vital topic for any radio amateur or anyone with an interest in radio communications. This book provides a fascinating description of all the relevant information about radio propagation from HF to VHF, UHF and beyond.

The book includes everything you need to know including radio waves and how they travel, the atmosphere, the Sun, ionospheric propagation (with the important modes and information), ionospheric storms and aurora, how to predict and assess ionospheric propagation, tropospheric propagation, meteor scatter, and space communications. You are also guided in making the most of the available equipment choosing the right time and radio band.

This book provides the reader with a practical understanding of Radio Propagation so that they can use them to their best. Radio Propagation - Practice and Principles is an essential read for anyone associated with radio communications.

2004 edition , RSGB,paperback, 174 by 240 mm, 112 pages, ISBN: 1-872309-97-6.

Price: 9.99

RSGB World Prefix Map - <em>Radio Amateur's Map of the World</em> RSGB World Prefix Map - Radio Amateur's Map of the World

New RSGB top quality map is 980x680mm and printed on top quality silk finished paper. Not only does this map show the location of worldwide prefixes there is an A-Z list of prefixes and expanded map sections covering the Caribbean and Europe making them much easier to read. The handy countries list also shows the DXCC entities with their continent along which CQ and ITU region that they fall in. The map is also overlaid with grid both CQ and ITU zones and a handy annotation of the hour +/- UTC. Printed specially for the RSGB this world prefix map is a very impressive 980mm wide by 680mm tall (approx 38.5"x 27") and is in a 1: 42,000,000 scale.

This map is top quality yet at a low price and a great map that will grace the wall of any shack. To see a larger image of the map click here

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Amateur Radio Essentials Amateur Radio Essentials

Edited By George Brown, M5ACN

This is a book for everyone, beginner and old hand alike, who is interested in amateur radio. Amateur Radio Essentials aims to answer frequently-asked questions that the editor has fielded on the telephone while working for the RSGB.

The subject matter covers everything from Rho to Radiation Resistance, from Filtering to Fractal Aerials, and from Solar Indices to Spurious Signals. The content is divided into six broad sections covering a huge range of amateur radio material. Beginners can find basic information about most of the things that matter in amateur radio, whilst old hands can find data that other textbooks often don't include.

Edited from articles originally published in the RSGB house journal, RadCom, this is a reference book and guide to the FAQs of amateur radio. It is unmatched in its scope and relevance.

© Radio Society of Great Britain, Size 240x174mm, 288 pages, ISBN 1-905086-12-1

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International Antenna Collection 2 International Antenna Collection 2
Edited by George Brown, M5ACN

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This book collects together some of the best articles from around the world on the subject of antennas. It will appeal to radio amateurs in general, whether they be antenna enthusiasts or not. It is a follow-up to the successful The International Antenna Collection, compiled by the same editor.

You will find antennas for most of the amateur bands. Traditional designs and highly original designs are here, simple and complex. Whatever your requirement, you will find something that is directly suited or that sets you thinking about how to solve your problem. Amongst the practical and highly erudite contents is an invited article by one of America's most respected authors on the subject of aerials. He is Kurt N Sterba, the regular 'Aerials' columnist of WorldRadio magazine. He considers one of his pet subjects - the much - misunderstood interface between transceiver and aerial. Does your ATU really tune your aerial? All the facts are clearly presented, leaving the author in no doubt as to the correct answer.

As before, great care has been taken to ensure that there are antennas to cover almost all the bands between 136kHz and 2.4GHz, receiving and transmitting, mobile and fixed.

Price: 7.99

abc Air Traffic Control (10th Edition) abc Air Traffic Control (10th Edition)
By Graham Duke

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Since the last edition of abc Air Traffic Control in 2005 there have been many changes in the air traffic control industry in the UK and UK-related airways. Air traffic has continued to increase rapidly resulting in more complex air traffic control systems which have to meet demand, as well as fulfilling safety and environment regulations.

Covering current issues facing the air traffic control industry, the author looks at the establishment of the new London Control Centre at Swanwick in the beginning of 2008, and the problematic congestion plaguing the UK skies, particularly in the busy Southeast. As a result, National Air Traffic Services, which took over from the Civil Airliner Authority in 2001 following partial privatization ofthe industry, is consulting with the CAA about redrawing the aircraft route map over the southeast of England to alleviate this problem.

This newest volume covers all the latest developments within the industry, explaining the structure of the system and the regulations controlling it in a straightforward manner, with a window into military air traffic control systems as well. Alongside this wider picture, intimate details are also revealed about the operations of ground control, the communications systems in the aircraft flying, the standard modes of communication, and airport procedures. The North Atlantic system and other aeronautical information such as charts, weather and airfield data are explained, as well as a full assessment of future developments. This is the essential handbook for anyone interested in civil aviation and the operation of modern air traffic control practice.

Size 184x120 mm, 112 pages, ISBN 978-1-85780-318-1

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abc Air Band Radio Guide (7th Edition) abc Air Band Radio Guide (7th Edition)
By Graham Duke

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A long-awaited new edition of a best-selling pocket guide specifically designed for the aviation enthusiast who wants to listen in to aircraft air band activity.First published in 1992 abc Air Band Radio Guide is an indispensable guide to the complexities of air traffic control communications. For many thousands of aviation enthusiasts part of the fascination of their hobby is the ability to listen in to the radio transmissions made by the air traffic controllers and the aircraft under their control.

This highly popular guide has now been thoroughly updated, and it examines in detail, but in a straightforward manner, air traffic control in the UK, the technology involved, the equipment available with an analysis of various features and what to look for when seeking to acquire such equipment, airfields, radio frequencies, the nature of the transmissions that can be heard, antennas and high frequency radio.

Size 184x120 mm, 112 pages, ISBN 9781 8578 0319 8

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Who's Who in Amateur Radio Who's Who in Amateur Radio

Ever wondered who that was?

Who is that person you hear on the air?

Well the RSGB now has a book that just might tell you! Radio amateurs are often people whose achievements are often known only to themselves, or to their immediate friends and family. Who's Who in Amateur Radio? is a first attempt to reveal the achievements of radio amateurs. The level of achievement varies from small personal goals, for instance making contacts with every continent of the World, to the holding of many international offices. Whilst many of the achievements listed are radio-related, for instance winning contests, others involve serving the community. Some of those listed are credited with major inventions such as the radio microphone. The entries in Who's Who in Amateur Radio? may also come as a surprise to those who had no idea that their on-air friends had achieved so much in their lives.

Who's Who in Amateur Radio? provides a listing of around 500 of the most active amateurs, including their name, callsign, place of residence, date of birth, profession, education, when they were first licensed, their amateur radio achievements, areas of amateur radio interest, and amateur radio club or society memberships. In nearly 50% of the cases the listing is accompanied by a photograph of the individual which will help to put a face to that well-known callsign. Entries are in alphabetical order by current callsign but included is an index by surname and appendices listing various key people in amateur radio, and in particularly in the history of the Radio Society of Great Britain.

Whatever the level of achievement, Who's Who in Amateur Radio? makes fascinating reading and is an invaluable guide to the personalities of amateur radio.

160 pages, 240 x 175mm, paperback ISBN: 1-905086-03-2

***** SPECIAL OFFER PRICE --- ONLY £9.99 *****

Price: 9.99

CoMmand CoMmand

Computers, Microcontrollers and DSP for the Radio Amateur

By: Andy Talbot, G4JNT

This book is for the radio amateur and home experimenter who wants to use modern digital and computer technology to make more use of his/her radio equipment. It is aimed at those who want to add additional hardware and try new signalling and communications methods, and to build hardware and systems for controlling existing equipment. The home computer is first covered, writing programmes and software, with much detail on how to interface the PC to external hardware via its various ports. Particular emphasis is placed on what can be done with the older computer, now very cheaply available. Software techniques for detecting signals in noise and for automatic beacon monitoring are described.
Then come Microcontrollers, covered in depth, particularly the PIC family of devices. From the basics of writing the first PIC programme and programming the device, many different types of hardware are described, such as A/D converters and relays. This includes simple arithmetic and coding issues for security and remote control. Finally, basic Digital Signal Processing is covered, with aspects such as digital filtering, time/frequency transformations and very narrow bandwidth working being described. How to start using DSP techniques at home is explained; evaluation modules and DSP routes using some simple additional hardware and a PC are covered. Programming in the Windows operating system, with particular emphasis on using the soundcard for DSP purposes, is then introduced.

Written for the experienced amateur, this book is aimed at the experimenter and home constructor who wants to get involved in the subject, and to understand how to take it further.

2003 Edn, RSGB, paperback,
240 x 173 mm, 232 pages, ISBN: 1-872309-94-1

***** SPECIAL OFFER PRICE --- ONLY £9.99 *****

Price: 9.99

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