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YOTA 2017 Supporter YOTA 2017 Supporter
Helping the event

Running an event such as YOTA 2017 is not without some costs. The IARU makes a significant contribution but we need to find the rest. The RSGB is therefore seeking supporters from the amateur radio community who wish to be associated with this event and help financially. Supporters of all sizes are welcome and you can show your support right now by donating to the event.

If you prefer you may send cheques payable to the Radio Society of Great Britain at 3 Abbey Court, Priory Business Park, Bedford, MK44 3WH.

All supporters who donate over £15 will recieve one of our special supporters pins (shown left) to reflect your support of youth activity in the UK. This handsome pin is 25mm across with a butterfly fixing making it ideal for attaching to jacket lapels or many other applications. The YOTA 2017 logo is surrounded by a gold effect band and the word 'supporter' is picked out in raised lettering. The clear epoxy finish will enure the that the badge stays pristine for years to come.

All our supporters will be publically thanked for their kind donations and included on the supporters page of the YOTA 2017 website. Where possible we will include websites for club and trade donations and a logo for those who donate in the Supporter Plus and Super Supporter catergories. Super Supporters will also be regularly acknowledged in RadCom as primary supporters of YOTA 2017.

Supporters are asked to donate in one of three levels.

YOTA 2017 Individual Supporter - Donation level £15-£249
YOTA 2017 Supporter Plus - Donation level £250-£999
YOTA 2017 Super Supporter - Donation level £1000+

100% of all donations will be used for YOTA 2017

To find out more about YOTA 2017 click here

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YOTA 2017 Variable Donation YOTA 2017 Variable Donation

Should you be unable to select an appropriate donation from the list above you may enter a variable amount here. Simply select the £1.00 donation and then in the next window the number you want to donate i.e. 23 x £1.00 = £23.00. Please note that you will be asked to confirm the amount you have specified and that the minimum donation is £15.00 if you wish to recieve a supporters pin.

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