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Backing Bletchley Backing Bletchley
The Codebreaking Outstations, From Eastcote to GCHQ

By Ronald Koorm


This new hardback book, Backing Bletchley, takes an entirely new view of the WWII codebreaking operations - the rarely told story of the outstations that supported and complemented Bletchley Park. Well known for his codebreaking lectures, author Ronald Koorm explores the Y-stations, Wavendon, Gayhurst Manor, Adstock, Drayton Parslow, Letchworth, Stanmore and Dollis Hill that, after the war, evolved into today's GCHQ .

Backing Bletchley explores the complex relationship between Bletchley Park and its support codebreaking outstations, the background to the Enigma encoding machine and how Eastcote became the largest codebreaking outstation during the war. He analyses the development of improvements on Alan Turing's Bombe machine, the contribution of the WRNS (Wrens) in operating the machines and some of the social history showing how those Wrens, from varying social backgrounds, displayed outstanding teamwork under immense pressure at the codebreaking sites.

Post-war, Eastcote became GCHQ prior to moving to Cheltenham, and there were multiple uses of the site, including Cold War counter-inelligence operations. The author explores the link between Alan Turing and others in terms of the quest for Artificial Intelligence, and how talented individuals during the war helped shape the future. Backing Bletchley includes previously unpublished diagrams, charts and illustrations of the story of the outstations, which shed further light on the extraordinary historic events that occurred at them.

Backing Bletchley sets out, in a clear and very readable fashion, the complex interrelationship between Bletchley Park, its outstations and supporting infrastructure. It is a treasure-trove of information and thoroughly recommend for those interested in WWII code breaking.

156x234mm, 288 pages ISBN: 9781 4456 9652 2

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Radio War Radio War
The Secret Espionage War of the Radio Security Service 1938-1946

By David Abrutat


If you have every wondered what Radio Amateurs did during WW2, then this new hardback book will be a revelation. Many books have described the work of Bletchley Park and even the work of GCHQ and SIGNIT but Radio War extends this into the work carried out by that voluntary interceptors (VI) many of whom were radio amateurs and RSGB members. It does not stop there either as it describes the secret operations, the stations used and so much more.

During the Second World War German intelligence had deployed wireless teams throughout occupied Europe. Agents had even been deployed to mainland Britain to spy on British military activity. Monitoring and reporting of their wireless transmissions fell to a small, secretive and largely unknown unit manned almost exclusively by volunteers. The VIs would spend hours every day at home monitoring the short wavelengths for often faint and difficult to copy signals transmitted by these German secret intelligence services. This unit was to become known as the Radio Security Service (RSS) and was at the core of the signals intelligence production effort at Bletchley and the insights into German military tactical and strategic planning.

Without interceptors like the RSS, Bletchley would not have existed. Their story has never truly been written before but Radio War focuses on their secret world of wireless espionage. There is included an honour roll of RSS operatives which details their area of operation, callsigns, locations. Not surprising this list is packed with well-known radio amateurs of the day including at least one RSGB president. Patrick Reilly, the Assistant to Head of MI6 Stewart Menzies, was to say of the RSS `a team of brilliance unparalleled anywhere in the intelligence machine.'

This book is a truly exceptional insight into the activity of the RSS, radio amateurs in WW2 and much more. It is thoroughly recommended reading

Size: 168x236mm, 224 pages. Hardback
ISBN: 9781 7815 5759 4

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Software Defined Radio Software Defined Radio
By Andrew Barron, ZL3DW



Everyone is talking about software defined radio (SDR) but is SDR right for you? Software Defined Radio sets out to explain the basics without getting to technical and is written to help you too get the most out of your SDR. It will even help you decide what to buy.

Written by New Zealand based and acknowledged SDR expert Andrew Barron, ZL3DW, Software Defined Radio covers a huge range of material. The use of SDR by radio amateurs is growing rapidly in popularity as they become aware of the great features and performance on offer. Not only does this book cover how SDR works there are details the different types of software that are available, what is different about them and even what is better. There is a wealth of useful information included and even guides to what to look for when you are buying equipment. There are guides to using SDR with CW, Digital Modes, Contesting, EME, Microwaves, Satellites and much more. You will find information on over 60 SDR radios that you can buy today featuring leading brands such as FlexRadio, Elecraft, Anan, Expert, Elad, Icom, WiNRADiO, SDRplay, FUNcube and many more.

Software Defined Radio is intended for radio amateurs, short wave listeners or anyone interested in radio technology. If you are interested in the technology of what was once, the domain of a few dedicated hackers and experimenters, the future of this exciting and fast developing area of radio or simply want to buy a SDR radio, this book is thoroughly recommended reading.

To buy this book and the new Amsat & Hamsat book for only £20.00 click here

Size 174x240mm, 304 pages
ISBN: 9781 9101 9349 5
Price: 9.99

Inside Enigma Inside Enigma
The Secrets of the Enigma Machine and other Historic Cipher Machines

By Prof. Tom Perera, W1TP & Dan Perera



Many have heard about the Enigma machines of WWII but few have an understanding of the history of these impressive machines, how they work or went on to be developed. This fully updated second edition of Inside Enigma provides in depth detail on how these machines worked and why the even though the codes proved breakable that developments of this machine remained in service for many years after the war finished.

Inside Enigma has been written by established Enigma experts Tom and Dan Perera of the who's collection of Enigma machines have been used in Hollywood blockbusters such as the Imitation Game. This book brings to life how the Enigma machines were constructed, worked, used, how the messages were encoded and why the Enigma code was considered virtually unbreakable. You will find explanations of the code breaking efforts, the mathematics involved along with the Cold-War developments by the British, Americans and Russians. There is in depth detail of the machines used in this period, including the Swiss machines that were developed. The writers have also provided information on how to find your own Enigma machine and what can be involved in restoring one. If your efforts to find a machine fail, there are even guides to building your own or even making a simple code wheel to bring the code method to life. There is much else besides this included in Inside Enigma as it is both comprehensive and copiously illustrated.

If you want a book covering the secrets, theory and practice of the Enigma Machine in the 20th Century then Inside Enigma provides the ideal source.

Size 202 x 254mm, 208 pages, 2nd Edition, ISBN 9781 9101 9371 6
Price: 9.99

RSGB Prefix Guide RSGB Prefix Guide
NEW Edition

by Fred Handscombe, G4BWP



Many DXers know that prefixes have been in a constant state of change since the late 1920s when National identifications were first set up. The RSGB Prefix Guide is updated regularly to reflect this change and provide the latest amateur radio prefix information available and a lot more besides.

This latest edition of the RSGB Prefix Guide has, as usual, had a full update and the colour listings are clearer and easier to use than ever before. Still retaining its popular lay flat design,this is one of the most useful and useable books in amateur radio. Not only are the listings comprehensive but they are provided with a huge range of additional information covering references for continent, CQ Zone, DXCC, IOTA, ITU Zone, Latitude & Longitude and a whole lot more. Readers will find comprehensive lists of DXCC deleted entities, Russian & CIS entities and even the popular DXCC checklist is here. For those chasing awards there is also a host of material including detailed information of the revamped RSGB awards. There is also information on various award programs including IOTA, CQ WAZ, DXCC, WAS and others. There is even an index of countries and their callsign allocations divided by continent.

The RSGB Prefix Guide remains one of the most useful tools a DXer can have on their shelf. So why not treat yourself to the tool that not only provides the answer to "what was that Call?" question, through to the latest award information and a lot more.

Size: 297x210mm (landscape), 80 pages spiral bound ISBN: 9781 9101 9372 3
Price: 9.99

60 Antennas 60 Antennas
you will want to build!

Edited by Giles Read, G1MFG



Whatever the type of antenna, there is always a genuine sense of achievement when you build one yourself and it provides great results. This book sets out to provide a huge array of designs that the home constructor can attempt and more importantly will want to build.

Unlike many other antenna books this book starts with the premise that it will provide all the information needed to construct the antenna so it is at your fingertips when you start. Broken into sections 60 Antennas provides designs from the simple to the complex but still achievable for the home constructor. 60 Antennas starts with a section on Vertical Antennas which includes antennas from 2-160m and even 630m. Readers will find here mobile 'screwdriver' and Slim Jim antennas and compact verticals for a wide range of situations. The book moves onto Horizontal Antennas that also cover the amateur radio spectrum with dipoles, multi-bands and more. Directional antennas are covered with a variety of beams and quads. The section on Loop Antennas includes an indoor variant and details of how to make these as efficient as possible. For those with restrictions of what antennas they can use Stealthy Antennas provides a variety of invisible or nearly invisible options amongst the designs included. VHF and up isn't forgotten with a selection of antennas for microwaves, 2m, 70cm that includes horn, beams and log periodic varieties. are a host of is much

There is not enough space here to list all the antennas or their variations are included in 60 Antennas. Selected from around the amateur radio World and from some of the great names of antenna design there is much here that will inspire 'You to want build!' your next antenna.

ISBN: 9781 9101 9355 6
Size 174x240mm, 288 pages
Price: 9.99

<span style='color: #0000ff;'><strong><span style='font-family: Tahoma; font-size: 14px;'>bhi</span></strong></span> NCH Noise Cancelling Headphones bhi NCH Noise Cancelling Headphones

These new bhi NCH headphones use active noise-cancelling technology to reduce distracting background noise, providing a comfortable and restful listening environment in areas with high ambient noise. The headphones feature a miniature microphone in the earpiece that picks up ambient noise (like traffic noise and aircraft cabin noise) and the electronics in the earpiece invert the ambient noise by 180° out of phase with the external ambient noise. This has the effect of cancelling out the annoying ambient noise without diminishing the audio you are listening to, resulting in much improved listening experience.

The over-ear style NCH headphones also give a good passive audio isolation whilst the adjustable headband and soft over-ear pads make sure that the headphones are a comfortable fit. The NCH headphones require one AAA alkaline battery (supplied) and the active noise cancellation can be easily switched on and off with the simple switch and a green LED indicates whether it is active or not.

Active noise cancelling: 12 to 15dB
Impedance 32 Ohm
Magnet: Neodymium
Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
Maximum Input: 40 mW
Sensitivity: 110 dB
1.25m detachable cable with 3.5mm jack plug
AAA battery (supplied)
45 hours battery life
Weight: 190g (incl' battery)

RSGB Member's Only Offer - £34.95 plus £2.95 P&P - That's a £7.00 saving on the usual price

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How to survive an Atomic Attack How to survive an Atomic Attack
A Cold War Manual


This book is a fascinating guide to official 1950's US government advice on how to survive an atomic attack - including full instructions on building your own nuclear shelter.

In 1949 the Soviet Union detonated its first nuclear bomb, heralding the era of the Cold War in which the prospect of a thermonuclear attack and Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) put every man, woman and child in the firing line. The US government issued a series of booklets explaining how to protect your family. This compilation includes Survival Under Atomic Attack with practical advice on constructing a shelter, the Family Shelters Series containing detailed construction diagrams, and Fallout Protection, a straightforward explanation of the dangers of a nuclear attack.

This book provides a chilling insight from a distinctly cold war perspective into the realities of life under the threat of Armageddon. Great artwork of the era is combines to make this a cracking little read.

Size: 165x235mm, 96 pages. ISBN: 9781 4456 3997 0

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Moonraker Whizz Whip Antenna Moonraker Whizz Whip Antenna

RSGB Members only offer - £20.00 OFF the usual rrp

The Moonraker Whizz Whip lets you operate your QRP HF/VHF/UHF transceiver with ease! The unit comes complete with a 130cm telescoping whip antenna with integrated tuner for receiving and transmitting that mounts straight on to your radio, all meaning you're on the air instantly. This great piece of kit releases your rig from coax, cables, mounts, tripods and trees, and gives you amazing performance from your desktop to garden and no ground is required either.

The Moonraker Whizz Whip enables you to transmit and receive all the way from 3.5 to 450 MHz. On HF, the integrated tuner can provide an excellent match (better than 2:1) and permit loading the antenna perfectly. This antenna is perfect for any shack or rig and is ideal for emergencies, testing, field days, etc. If your big antenna isn't available or won't go with you the Moonraker Whizz Whip puts you on the air.

In a special deal with Moonraker (UK) Ltd. RSGB members save £20.00 off the usual price of the Moonraker Whizz Whip and is only whilst stocks last - so why not treat yourself to one?

Key Features/Specifications:
TX: 3.5-460 MHz
RX: 0.6-500 MHz
Power: 10W Max AM/CW/SSB
Length: 130cm
Connection: PL259

RSGB Members' Only Offer - £79.95 and £3.95 p&p (UK) - That's a £20.00 saving on the usual price

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Space Exploration Space Exploration
Past Present Future

By Carolyn Collins Petersen


Humanity has always looked to the stars, but it hasn't been until relatively recently that we have managed to travel into space. Space Exploration takes us on a journey from the first space pioneers and their work. From the First World War led technological advances in rocketry that formed the basis for the Space Age, to the increasing corporate interest in space this book details our steps into sace. It is viewed from our potential future in pace on Mars to be exact and considers how we will reach that point. Space Exploration concludes with our current advances and our immediate ambitions in space exploration. The future and its scientific possibilities are enthralling: who will be the first to step on Mars? Will matter/antimatter annihilations take us to the Kuiper Belt, or will it be ion propulsion? What is the Alcubierre Warp Drive? Will it take us to the stars?

Space Exploration is a great hardback book that both entertains and enlightens where we may be going with space exploration and is a thoroughly recommended read.

Size: 156x234mm, 304 pages. ISBN: 9781 4456 5603 8

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Discovery of the Universe Discovery of the Universe
A History of Astronomy and Observatories

By Carolyn Collins Petersen


This great hardback book charts the progress of astronomy through the observatories used throughout history, from the earliest such as Stonehenge to places like Birr Castle with its Leviathan telescope used by Herschel, places where the secrets of the universe were first unlocked by science. The Discovery of the Universe describes instruments now in use around the planet ranging from the Mauna Kea Observatories in Hawaii to the South Pole Telescope in Antarctica that hunts for the faint emission of the cosmic microwave background (CMB). In addition, astronomers today use an array of orbiting observatories and the ground-based observatories can now attain near 'Hubble' standards of accuracy, despite peering into space through our atmosphere.

The Discovery of the Universe looks at the amazing science that has been done using the world's suite of observatories. It presents examples of astronomical discoveries made across the widest spectrum as observatories extend humanity's vision across the depths of space and time.

Size: 156x234mm, 304 pages. ISBN: 9781 4456 8413 0

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<span style='color: #0000ff;'><strong><span style='font-family: Tahoma; font-size: 14px;'>bhi</span></strong></span> HP-1 Wired Stereo Headphones bhi HP-1 Wired Stereo Headphones

In a special deal with bhi Ltd the RSGB is please to offer to its members these new bhi HP-1 stereo headphones are suitable for general purpose use and can be used for radio communications as well as listening to music. They are very comfortable to wear due to the lightweight design, adjustable headband and the soft leatherette padded earcups. This helps to eliminate the uncomfortable pressure feeling that can be created by closed over-ear type headphones, allowing you to listen for longer. The cable is 1.9 m long and is terminated with an integral 3.5mm stereo jack plug with a 1/4" stereo to 3.5mm stereo adapter. The fold up design makes them easy to store and carry away from home.

* Closed back foldable dynamic stereo headphones
* Comfortable lightweight design
* Adjustable headband
* Leatherette type soft padded ear pads
* Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
* Maximum Input: 40 mW
* Sensitivity: 102 dB
* Impedance: 32 ohms
* Weight 155g - Weight 155g
* Recommended use: Hifi, TV, Radio communications
* Supplied with 3.5mm to 6.35mm stereo (¼") jack adapter

RSGB Member's Only Offer - £17.95 and £2.95 p&p - That's a £4.00 saving on the usual price

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Forgotten Science Forgotten Science
Strange Ideas from the Scrapheap of History

By S. D. Tucker


Science has a reputation as the most logical and rational of human pastimes - but this has not always been the case. Some of them were genuine geniuses; others were simply lone loons. History is littered with their wreckage, and this hardback book tells the story of the very strangest.

From the inventor Nikola Tesla, who fell in love with his favourite pigeon and tried to broadcast his own thoughts, to the wannabe chemist August Strindberg, who injected apples with drugs to see if they could get high, numerous scientists have conducted bizarre experiments down the centuries. This book is packed with stories like this and from the most improbable to the frankly disturbing they make fascinating and thought-provoking reading. The author's eclectic mix covers a wide variety of material and with sections titled Evolutionary Dead Ends: Fairies playing at the bottom of Darwin's Garden and the like there is certainly plenty to ponder.

Proposing that science has become a kind of modern religion, and telling the tale of such noted pseudoscientific fads and fallacies as alchemy, spontaneous generation and the doomed quest to raise the dead, Forgotten Science can make you laugh at the same time as making you think. Science at school was never this weird.

Size 234x156mm, 320 pages, ISBN: 9781 4456 4837 8

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Non Member's Price 18.99
RSGB Member's 9.99 (47% OFF)

Shoot for the Moon Shoot for the Moon
The Space Race and the Voyage of Apollo 11

By James Donovan


Fifty years after the Apollo 11 mission made history, this new and impressive maxi paperback book tells the epic story of the astronauts, flight controllers and engineers who made it happen.

On 20 July 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the Moon, a moment ingrained in modern memory. Perhaps the world's greatest technological achievement - and a triumph of spirit and ingenuity ? the Apollo 11 mission and the Apollo program was a mammoth undertaking involving more than 410,000 men and women dedicated to winning the Space Race with the Soviets. Seen through the eyes of those who lived it, Shoot for The Moon reveals the dangers, the challenges and the sheer determination that defined not only Apollo 11, but also the Mercury and Gemini missions that made it possible. Both sweeping and intimate, and based on exhaustive research and dozens of fresh interviews, this is the definitive ? and thrilling ? account of one of humankind's most extraordinary feats of exploration.

A truly inspiring read Shoot for the Moon - The Space Race and the Voyage of Apollo 11 delivers many extra details in this book not covered by others. If you are interested in this period of our history this is a book not to be missed.

Size 160x240mm, 488 pages, ISBN: 9781 4456 9907 3

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RSGB Member's 11.99 (40% OFF)

Haynes build your own Robot Haynes build your own Robot
By James Cooper


If you are a follower of Robot Wars is the highly successful TV series or not, this Hardback book is very well written and incredibly detailed. This Haynes manual is produced in a similar style to the familiar 'how to' guides for cars but doesn't just include details about building robots but much more.

This Haynes - Build Your Own Robot Manual provides a unique behind-the-scenes look at the show - the arena, and both house and competitors' robots. Lavishly illustrated with high quality pictures there are step-by-step extensively illustrated instructions for building three project robots, from a simple 'self-navigating' robot, to a fully controllable Robot Wars challenger.

If you have been fascinated by robot competitors 'fighting to the death' on TV this could be the book for you. Why not indulge yourself whilst reading about construction techniques and of course competitor teams battling each other and the fearsome 'house robots' - Dead Metal, Matilda, Shunt and Sir Killalot?

The Haynes - Build Your Own Robot Manual essential reading for all Robot Wars fans and anyone interested in something different to construct.

Hardback, Size 216x279mm, 176 pages ISBN: 9781785211867

Non Member's Price 22.99
RSGB Members Price: 12.99 (43% off)

Radio Propagation Explained Radio Propagation Explained
Steve Nichols, G0KYA


Understanding radio propagation is essential for anyone with an interest in radio communications who wants to know how signals travel from A to B. Acknowledged expert Steve Nichols, G0KYA Radio Propagation Explained provides everything you need to know about this fascinating topic.

Looking at HF to VHF, UHF and beyond Radio Propagation Explained provides a practical understanding of radio propagation. It looks at the sun, sunspots, ionospheric propagation, ionospheric storms and aurora, tropospheric propagation, meteor scatter and space communications, including satellites and Earth-Moon-Earth signals. The book also includes information on computerised HF propagation predictions, greyline propagation, low frequency (LF) propagation, sporadic E, amateur radio modes like WSPR, PSK and JT, web resources and much more. There are descriptions of the properties of the amateur radio bands and how to get the best performance when using them.

Radio Propagation Explained draws on material from the hugely popular Radio Propagation Principles & Practice book previously published by the RSGB and enhances it with the latest advances in the field of propagation. Steve shows how radio amateurs can by studying propagation can gain a more rewarding experience and increase their chances of making the on-air contacts they want.

Radio Propagation Explained is thoroughly recommended reading for everyone who wants to understand radio propagation and make the most of their radio activities.

Size 240x174mm, 128 pages ISBN 9781 9101 9328 0
Price: 9.99

Amsats and Hamsats *plus* Software Defined Radio books Amsats and Hamsats *plus* Software Defined Radio books

****** BUY BOTH FOR ONLY £20.00 ******

by Andrew Barron, ZL3DW

Buy both thesse new books by New Zealand author Andrew Barron, ZL3DW and save £3.78 on the usual RSGB members' price.

Grab yourself a bargin whilst this offer lasts!
Price: 20.00

<span style='font-size: 14px;'><strong>RSGB Map Bundle - <span style='font-size: 14px; color: #ff0000;'>RSGB Members only Offer</span></strong></span> RSGB Map Bundle - RSGB Members only Offer

Why not save by buy both RSGB maps for only £12.99 (plus P&P)? This saves £4.99 (or 28%) off the usual retail price - a bargain for RSGB members only.
Price: 12.99

HF Antennas for Everyone HF Antennas for Everyone
Edited by Giles Read, G1MFG


The RSGB has always published the very best antenna designs available to the radio amateurs. From the most complex to the very basic, these antennas have provided radio amateurs with much food for thought and practical designs to build. HF Antennas for Everyone draws on 90 of these RadCom and Radio Communication articles from the last forty years, providing a comprehensive collection of HF antennas, with something for everyone.

The selection in this book is a deliberate mix of the traditional and more recent designs. Sub divided into broad sections including horizontal, vertical and loop antennas, there is much variety to be found here. Looking back at the earlier decades it is amazing to see how many of the aerial giants, such as Louis Varney, G5RV have written for the RSGB. There is however much more than this. Conventional wisdom of HF antennas says you will need lots of space and money in order to put up suitable aerials. HF Antennas for Everyone shows that no matter the size of the available space you will find antenna designs that will help you get your signals in and out. Feeders are also not forgotten with a section devoted to this fascinating and often overlooked topic. But what if your local regulations prohibit the erection of antennas? That needn't get in your way, because this book even contains a section on Stealth antennas that are either essentially invisible or disguised as something quite different.

It is often said that there is nothing new in aerials, but HF Antennas for Everyone shows this isn't so. This book demonstrates a considerable number of developments and innovations from the last 20 years in particular, that show designers are starting to find innovative solutions to the age-old problems.

Whichever bands you want to work on, whatever the state of the sunspot cycle and however large or small your garden, in HF Antennas for Everyone you'll find an antenna that will get you heard.

Size 240x174mm, 336 pages ISBN: 9781 9050 8659 7
Price: 9.99

British Military Intelligence British Military Intelligence
Objects from the Military Intelligence Museum

Nick van Der Bijl

One of the little known museums of the UK is the Military Intelligence Museum at Chicksands in Bedfordshire. This museum provides a huge insight into British intelligence activity since Wellington's time and this new book provides a unique look at its fascinating collection.

Through a mix of objects, medals, photographs and documents held in the Military Intelligence Museum, the book tells the story of British military intelligence across the years, moving from its earliest object of the Waterloo medal awarded to the Duke of Wellington's senior intelligence officer to items recovered from operations in Afghanistan. This fascinating collection includes a Boer War photographic stereoscope and uniforms worn by intelligence officers and other ranks during the First World War. Among the Second World War objects are a very rare highest gallantry medal awarded to a British officer by France, items that belonged to a founder of the Long Range Desert Group, an example of a pigeon coop used to deliver pigeons in Occupied Europe, a chess set used by captured Special Operations Executive operatives in Buchenwald concentration camp and copies of forged rations coupons dropped into Germany as part of Psychological Warfare Executive operations. The end of the war saw the Intelligence Corps heavily involved in arresting war criminals in Germany and Japan; among the objects are handcuffs used by a Field Security Section in Occupied Germany to arrest three high-ranking Nazi officials. During the Cold War, the Intelligence Corps role in collecting intelligence from those organisations hostile to British interests and protecting the Army from espionage, sabotage and terrorism is illustrated by several documents.

There are over 180 photographs and illustrations included and the varied nature of these objects illuminates a feature of British military operations that is rarely discussed, despite having been frequently proven to be crucial to their success. British Military Intelligence provides a great read and is thoroughly recommended to anyone interested in the UK's clandestine history.

Size: 165 x 234mm, 96 pages, ISBN: 9781 4456 6238 1

Sorry No longer Available

Radio Auroras Radio Auroras


Radio amateurs know that sunspots affect VHF as well as HF propagation, and the solar cycle has a direct bearing on the prevalence of radio auroras. The extent and usefulness of this mode of propagation is perhaps still not widely known, though. Radio Auroras sets out to explain this phenomenon in an easy to understand and useful way.

Radio Auroras tells the fascinating story of the radio amateurs who discovered this mode of propagation and how they made use of it. Through the following pages there are descriptions of how auroras are caused, how they can be forecast and perhaps most importantly how best to use them to work DX. Whilst auroras are often thought to be a VHF effect, this book also describes radio auroras at 28MHz as well as outlining the effects of auroras on the other HF bands. Occurrences of Sporadic E can also accompany auroras to provide Auroral E propagation and this too is covered in Radio Auroras. If you are interested in radio propagation Radio Auroras is a unique guide to this topic, but for those studying and experimenting, or those keen to work DX on VHF, it is a real ‘must have’ book.

The Authors
The late Charlie Newton, G2FKZ, who wrote the core material of this book, was acknowledged as one of the leading experts on radio auroras and his material is judged as the definitive guide to this fascinating topic. He was for many years a leading light in the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) Propagation Studies Committee. His work has been updated and supplemented with a new chapter compiled by well-known VHF DXer Neil Carr, G0JHC. Using contributions from a number of the UK's leading VHF DXers, Neil Carr looks at the major radio aurora events that took place during the last solar cycle and in the first part of the new cycle.

ISBN: 9781 9050 8681 8 Size 174x240mm 64 Pages

Price: 4.99

The Three Dimensions of John Logie Baird The Three Dimensions of John Logie Baird
By Dr Douglas Brown, GM8FFH


John Logie Baird (1888-1946) is remembered as the inventor of television but his work in colour, 3D and holographic television is much less well known. As are his significant contributions to other information sciences and their resulting technologies. The Three Dimensions of John Logie Baird sets out this work and adds a perspective not seen before to the story of this great inventor.

The Three Dimensions of John Logie Baird details the story of this great man from his early years through, to those where despite ailing health and poverty he did more to advance the early development of television than any other individual. He planted the seed, which has grown into a multinational, trillion dollar video and communications media industry. Baird is often dismissed as the person who invented a crude type of television which was quickly superseded but this book lays these criticisms to rest once and for all. For over a quarter of a century Baird developed monochrome, colour and 3D television, and many of the techniques he pioneered are still used in modern day systems. This book goes into detail about how the systems worked and their later development after John Logie Baird's death. The author has even provided projects that can be made which demonstrate the Baird's technology, including colour broadcasting.

The Three Dimensions of John Logie Baird is fascinating read that provides an excellent reference work on his inventions, an insight into the world of television and shows just how much we owe this great inventor.

Size 174x240mm, 208 pages (mono & colour): ISBN: 9781 9050 8679 5
Price: 7.99

The Birth of British Radar The Birth of British Radar
The Memoirs of Arnold 'Skip' Wilkins

Edited by Colin Latham and Anne Stobbs


Arnold "Skip" Wilkins is one of the unsung heroes of the British effort to develop radar. The Birth of British Radar book combines the memoirs of Skip with an authoritative overview of the historical importance of his work.

At the core of The Birth of British Radar are Skip's memoirs of his involvement in the British radar (or, as it was then known, radio direction finding, RDF) programme from its very inception in 1935. Working under the direction of Robert Watson-Watt, it was he who proposed using radio waves, bounced back from an enemy aircraft, to detect its position. Initially working entirely alone, he constructed prototype equipment which he used in the famous Daventry experiment conducted in a field near Weeden, Northants, on 26 February 1935. The success of this led to the establishment of the R&D group at Bawdsey Manor with its team of talented scientists, engineers and technicians. From there he describes the engineering and political developments which occurred to change faint traces into a fully working system which played such a crucial role in defending Britain in the Second World War.

This second edition of The Birth of British Radar has been greatly expanded from the original memoirs with a large array of additional material. Each chapter of the memoirs is set in a historical context with an explanatory note. There is a host of extra material including an interview with Skip, details of how radar grew, post war commemorations and much more. The Birth of British Radar contains mono and colour photos along with details of Skip's post war experiences. The story of this publicity-shy individual who never sought public recognition for his achievement, is fascinating. This book describes the struggles and triumphs from the earliest days of radar, in perhaps one of the most important periods in British electronics development, and is highly recommended.

Size 174x240mm, 128 pages ISBN: 9781 9050 8675 7
Price: 9.99

Fort Bridgewoods Fort Bridgewoods
From Victorian Fort to WWII Y Station

By Stephen G Small, G4HJE


This is the story of a Victorian Fort that was obsolete before the last stone was laid yet in the early twentieth century became one of the most secret places in the realm. It was here that the developing science of radio became a vital weapon of espionage and war. Without the painstaking work of the expert civilian intercept operators Bletchley Park may well have failed to break the Enigma code and the vital allied intelligence advantage may have been lost.

Fort Bridgewoods - From Victorian Fort to WWII Y Station sets out this fascinating story from its building to its final closure in 1968. The early role as Fleet protection in the late 19th Century and even its WWI activities are detailed along with the significant characters involved in its history. Readers will find much about the highly secret WWII activity as a 'Y' Station which became one of the most important signal gathering stations in Britain's 'Enigma Code' breaking operation. This book is packed with information and readers will find that the radios and equipment used are covered in detail from the early Marconi equipment to the DST-100 receiver, designed specifically for wireless interception work through to the familiar HRO sets used later in the war and are even details of the Hallicrafters and RCA receivers used.

Whilst the World slipped slowly into the abyss of a Second World War the operators of Fort Bridgewoods skilfully developed the science of signals intelligence and were intercepting both the secret diplomatic and military radio traffic. Without Fort Bridgewoods the vital early 'breaks' of the Enigma code would certainly not have happened. Fort Bridgewoods - From Victorian Fort to WWII Y Station describes all of this and provides an insight into the operational work of this 'Y' station and its part in WWII. If you are interested in the radio interception technology of WWII and its pioneers this book is a revelation.

Size: 174x240, 144 pages, ISBN: 9781 9101 9309 9
Price: 8.99

3D Printing for Dummies 3D Printing for Dummies
By Kalani Kirk Hausman & Richard Horne

Done in the usual 'Dummies' style this 3D Printing For Dummies book explains all that you need to know to get started printing out 3D objects quickly and inexpensively!

3D printing is no longer just the preserve of expensive printers working with incomprehensible and equally expensive software. This remarkable technology has now come to the masses with the growing availability of 3D printers at lower costs than ever before. 3D Printing For Dummies provides a friendly but straightforward guide that examines the types of 3D printing technology available. You'll discover methods for the creation of 3D printable objects using software, 3D scanners, and even photographs. The mysteries of stereolithography, selective sintering, fused deposition, and granular binding techniques are all explained. The book even provides a design for making your own 3D printer the 'RepRap' printer and walks you through the process of creating a printer using open source designs, software, and hardware.

3D Printing For Dummies provides a great insight into this fast developing area of technology. It provides the knowledge needed to manufacture specialist parts of unusual design or construction at home. Be you keen constructor or just want to know about the technology this book provides a fascinating guide to the possibilities of 3D printing.

Size: 188 x 234mm, 384 pages
ISBN: 9781 1186 6075 1

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Haynes Thunderbirds Manual - 50th Anniversary Edition Haynes Thunderbirds Manual - 50th Anniversary Edition
by Sam Denham

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This new paperback edition of the Haynes Thunderbirds Agents' Technical Manual, published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first airing of the original Supermarionation series, in September 1965, is an inventive, informative and entertaining guide to the world's foremost rescue organisation.

Those familiar with the traditional "Haynes Manual" will recognise the Haynes approach that features cutaway drawings, detailed diagrams, colour illustrations and photographs. This updated edition features an additional seven cutaways of vehicles used in rescue missions, along with even more diagrams, illustrations and photographs. The Haynes Thunderbirds Manual provides the ultimate insight into the secrets of the fabulous International Rescue team of the Thunderbirds TV series. Intended for International Rescue field agents, the Haynes Thunderbirds Manual includes an introduction by Jeff Tracy, a look at late 21st Century Technology, Mission files, Operational procedures for agents' missions and much more.

Whether you are familiar with Thunderbirds or not, the Haynes Thunderbirds Manual provides the ultimate insight into the secrets of the fabulous International Rescue team and is an excellent read and a treasure trove of detail and trivia. The Haynes Thunderbirds Manual - 50th Anniversary Edition is not only a thoroughly recommended read but it also makes a great gift or treat.

Size: 270 x 210mm, 152 pages, ISBN: 9780 8573 3823 5

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Island Fever Island Fever
By Robin Jones

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If you have ever dreamed of mounting a DXpedition to a far flung part of the world, yet it has never come to pass, this book could easily be a trigger for something closer to home. Packed with potential IOTA activations, low noise enviroments, spots with a large body of salt water on the doorstep, Island Fever is a great book.

Britain is an island nation with hundreds of smaller islands off the mainland shores, each with its own distinct character. Island Fever provides an insight into the some the islands of England and Wales. There are forty chapters in this full colour hard back book covering hundreds of individual islands. Each chapter provides an insight into the islands covered in both text and pictures. From the Marconi's activity on Flat Holm in the Bristol Channel in 1897, through historic Lindisfarne, to the WWII Red Sands forts, this book is packed with interesting stories. The glossy pages host nearly 300 top quality photographs which highlight some of the well known and many lesser known scenic parts of the British Isles that may well tempt you into that DXpedition you have promised yourself.

Hardback, Size 224x 297mm, 160 pages ISBN 9780711034716

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Building Successful HF Antennas Building Successful HF Antennas
By Peter Dodd, G3LDO

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Any metal structure can be made to radiate - to work as an antenna - provided it can be persuaded to accept RF power from a transmitter. But is it working effi ciently? How can it be improved?

Well-known antenna expert Peter Dodd explains what makes an effective HF antenna, how to build one and how to measure its performance. The book deals with real locations, such as small gardens, apartment blocks, lofts, etc and how to obtain optimum performance within the constraints of your location.

The construction of all manner of antennas is described including single and multi-band antennas, with and without the need for an ATU. There are also simple wire antennas, loops alongside beams such as the Quad and Yagi. There are variations on these which use less space. Feeding, matching and tuning are included as well as how to terminate coaxial cable in a variety of plugs. Peter’s construction experience really comes into its own in the chapters on hardware, construction and masts. There is advice on how to check that your antenna is working using a few simple pieces of test equipment.This is quite simply everything you will need to make the best use of your location, and to build a successful HF antenna.

Size 240x174mm, 224 pages, ISBN 9781-9050-8643-6

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World Licensing and Operating Directory World Licensing and Operating Directory
By Steve Telenius-Lowe, 9M6DXX


If you have ever thought of taking your radio on holiday or organising a DXpedition, the World Licensing and Operating Directory is the guide for you. Written by well known DXer Steve Telenius-Lowe, 9M6DXX who has visited 83 DXCC entities and operated from 37 of them, this book has been meticulously researched and has input from nearly 100 contributors. There is all the information you need to get on the air from over 200 countries and territories around the globe.

The World Licensing and Operating Directory is lavishly illustrated throughout with over 230 photographs and maps. There is information on how to obtain an amateur radio licence in almost every country in the world - but this is only part of the story. There is information on organising a DXpedition and "All you wanted to know about licensing (but were afraid to ask)". There is also a major section of the book that provides full details of how to rent more than 75 amateur radio stations around the globe - from Europe to the Pacific and from the Arctic to the Equator! There is a 32-page full-colour section with spectacular photographs of rental stations, including some of the most impressive antenna set-ups in the world.

This unique book will appeal equally to hardened contesters or DXers looking for a competitive station to rent and to those who simply want to complement their family holiday with some amateur radio operation from an unusual location.

ISBN: 9781-9050-8646-7, Size 240x170mm 160pages

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Full Circle Full Circle
A Dream Denied, A Vision Fulfilled

By Theodore J. Cohen

Solly's dream is for his son Teddy to one day become a concert violinist. Eventually he comes to understand and to endure the heartbreak of knowing that the dream never will be realized. As Solly watches, life takes Teddy from gifted violin student to adult engineer and scientist, leaving no time for the career in music Solly so dearly wants his son to pursue. In the end, there emerges the essence of redemption as Teddy returns to the violin late in life and fulfills his and his father's vision. The story, which is a work of fiction based on real events, will fascinate readers from ages ten to one hundred who are interested in radio, communications, and music and in how it was to grow up in a family whose members trace their heritage to that great wave of immigrants that crashed onto America's shores in the mid- to late 1800s.

Size 204x127, paperback, 216 pages, ISBN: 9781 4490 2914 2


Price: 4.99

Haynes Owner Workshop Manuals Messerschmitt Bf109 Haynes Owner Workshop Manuals Messerschmitt Bf109
By: Paul Blackah & Malcolm Lowe

Produced as a sister volume to the Haynes Workshop Manual for Supermarine Spitfire this book provides the same treatment to the Luftwaffe's Messerschmitt Bf109. This single-seat fighter was the main combat adversary of the RAF's Hurricanes and Spitfires in the Battle of Britain.

This Haynes Owners Workshop Manual covers the history of the Bf109, restoration to flight, the views of owners, pilots and engineers, and operating and servicing insights. Data boxes cover Bf109 facts and figures, plus interviews with Luftwaffe pilots and modern-day owner-pilots. Illustrated with a mix of specially commissioned colour and archive photographs, the Bf109 Manual also includes illustrations from Luftwaffe official wartime servicing manuals, and coverage of restoration projects in the UK and overseas.

Hardback, Size 270 x 210mm, 160 pages, ISBN 9781-8442-5642-6

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