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IOTA Directory - 50th Anniversary Edition IOTA Directory - 50th Anniversary Edition  New

Edited by Roger Balister, G3KMA

Now celebrating 50 years the Island on the Air (IOTA) programme is one of the most popular DX programmes in the world. To mark this golden anniversary the fully updated IOTA Directory provides the essential guide to participating in the IOTA award programme and much more.

Edited and introduced by IOTA manager Roger Balister, G3KMA IOTA Directory - 50th Anniversary Edition contains a review of the first 50 years of the programme from the founder of the programme Geoff Watts through to the present. The extensive colour section of the book also contains fascinating articles covering the IOTA operation on "Timoteo Dominguez", the upsurge of Island Activity in Indonesia and even Antennas for IOTA DXpeditions. There is much more besides with details of the latest IOTA Honour roll, Golden List, etc. The IOTA Directory - 50th Anniversary Edition is the only complete, official listing of IOTA islands but is much more than just a simple list. This edition contains all the rule changes and island updates of this dynamic and exciting programme. There is everything you need to participate in IOTA, from an explanation of the programme, the rules, lists of islands, grouped by continent, and indexed by prefix through to application forms and masses of information and advice for island hunters, award applicants and DXpeditioners alike.

If the simple act of collecting QSL cards from around the world hasn't appealed before. The multitude of islands and the fascinating IOTA programme laid out in this book will change your mind. The IOTA Directory - 50th Anniversary Edition is a must have if you are already involved or simply just interested.

Size 210x297mm, 128 pages ISBN 9781-9050-8694-8

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