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RSGB Surface Mount Wideband Amplifier Kit RSGB Surface Mount Wideband Amplifier Kit

To complement the RadCom 'Getting Started' article in the January 2014 issue the RSGB has produced a special kit of parts to make the surface mount wideband amplifier. The RSGB in conjunction with DCP Microdevelopments Ltd has put together a specially commissioned circuit board that measures 40x26mm and all the components listed below. Simply put the kit contains all the components needed for construction of this surface mount wideband amplifier project - all you need supply is the enthusiasm, solder and tools to get constructing.

Parts Contained in addition to the Board
Component * Value * Package
C1 * MAV-11BSM * RRR137
R1 * 10ohm * 0805 SMD
L1 * 1uH * 080
C1 * 10nF * 0805
C2 * 10nF * 0805
C3 * 10nF * 0805
C4 * 100pF * 0805
C5 * 100nF * 0805
C6 * 1uF 10V Wkg Tantalum * CASE type ‘A’
SMA1 * SMA Edge connector
SMA2 * SMA Edge connector

Please note that we do not provide technical support for these kits as it is expected that those purchasing and assembling these will have the technical competence to do so.

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RSGB Centenary PSK Receiver RSGB Centenary PSK Receiver

The RSGB Centenary PSK Receiver is connected to the September 2013 RadCom article and the RSGB Centenary day Buildathon activity. The board has been specially commissioned and we are also able to supply the special crystals required to make this a 20m project. The circuit board can also be made up into a receiver for operation on 80m and it is possible to build it as a receiver for other HF bands. No other components are supplied but all the parts required should be easily available from a variety of other sources. Please note that we do not provide technical support for these boards or the projects as it is expected that those purchasing and assembling these will have the technical competence to do so.


<span style='font-size: 18px;'><strong>NEW - Bascom Tutorial Microcontroler Programming Kit</strong></span> NEW - Bascom Tutorial Microcontroler Programming Kit
Bascom enjoys increasing popularity among newcomers and professional developers and has become something of a Basic standard for programmers. This tutorial kit is designed for entry and advanced level Bascom users with a simple solderless circuit board over 100 experiments can be developed from the components in the box.

This Bascom tutorial kit teaches both microcontroller basics with the corresponding ICA applications and the use of the FTDI FT232RL USB-to-UART bridge chip. The enclosed 220 page book provides an easy to understand course in programming using Bascom-AVR. There are also a host of experiments and the accompanying CD has all the source code you will need to get the most out of this fascinating tutorial kit. The CD also contains the various software tools used for program development.

Enclosed you will find:
220 page book of information and experiments
CD of source code
17 components and USB cable
Bascom solder less development circuit board

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For a larger picture of the contents and manufacturer's description click here

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