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Elimination of Electrical Noise  Elimination of Electrical Noise  New
from 30kHz to 30MHz

By Don Pinnock, G3HVA

Many radio amateurs experience electrical noise problems and feel forced off the amateur radio bands. Don Pinnock, G3HVA is a firm believer that radio amateurs should deal with the problems rather than not be forced off the air. Elimination of Electrical Noise therefore tells of Don's personal experiences and provides solutions to noise problems that will help many.

In Elimination of Electrical Noise, Don details the various types of noise, how it is generated and how best to deal with it. Faulty or maladjusted machinery or electronic devices can produce so much interference that normal reception is considerably affected. Even equipment operating below or close to International Standards can generate enough electrical noise to severely reduce the chances of a nearby amateur being able to enjoy his chosen hobby. Don describes how to track down a noise source, how to deal with it at its source, and how to put up defences in your own station to reduce noise entering via the mains wiring. He reports on his own experiments with selecting wire antennas that have increased immunity to external noise. And for those looking for a new house, there's advice on how to choose it from the point of view of noise.

If you suffer from electrical noise problems, Don's experiences and advice may well provide the solution you are looking for. Elimination of Electrical Noise provides the help you may need to take charge, tackle that noise problem and get the most from your hobby.

Size 174x240mm, 64 pages ISBN:9781 9050 8661 0

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The ARRL RFI Book 3 The ARRL RFI Book 3
Practical Cures for Radio Frequency Interference

This new third edition of the popular ARRL RFI Book has been compiled by the highly trained experts of the ARRL and designed to give the best advice available on every type of radio frequency interference (RFI). From automotive to television, from computers to DVD players, from audio equipment to telephones, you’ll find a step-by-step process for eliminating problematic interference in one convenient book.

The ARRL RFI Book begins with chapters on First Steps, EMC Fundamentals, RFI Troubleshooting Techniques before moving into various guides to specific areas of RFI. The reader will find practical advice on specific subjects such as, Transmitters, Televisions, DVD players, Computers, Stereos, Videos and Telephones to name but a few. There are even chapters covering External Rectification - "The Rusty Bolt Effect" and "Intermod" - A Modern Urban Problem. The ARRL RFI Book also includes resources for addressing new realities of digital cable TV and satellite systems, over-the-air TV signals, troubleshooting, and hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

If it's a device that can be affected by interference, including your radio receiver, you'll find practical cures in this book.

Size: 320 Pages, 210x275mm ISBN: 9780872590915

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