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RSGB Prefix Guide RSGB Prefix Guide
NEW 11th Edition

by Fred Handscombe, G4BWP

The RSGB Prefix Guide is simply the very latest amateur radio prefix information available and a lot more besides.

Fully updated with all the very latest changes in the amateur radio world the RSGB Prefix Guide is the best guide available to amateur radio prefixes. This edition has the latest changes to allocations, from E6 to the Pacific island nation of Niue through to Z8 for the newly formed nation of South Sudan. Readers will find more "special" prefixes mapped and even one new DXCC entity. The latest deletions are here including Malyj Vysotskij Island that has now been handed back to Russia.

This latest edition of the RSGB Prefix Guide has a "new look" making listings clearer and easier to use than ever before but still retaining its popular lay flat design. The listings provide a huge range of additional information covering references for continent, CQ Zone, DXCC, IOTA, ITU Zone, Latitude & Longitude and a whole lot more. Readers will find comprehensive lists of DXCC deleted entities, Russian & CIS entities and even the popular DXCC checklist is here. There is the very latest information on various award programs including IOTA, CQ WAZ, DXCC, WAS and others. There is also an index of countries and their callsign allocations divided by continent as are more detailed listings for the wide range of RSGB awards.

From the basic "what was that Call?" question through to research for an elusive award, this book provides what is needed. If you are interested in DX, awards or simply operate the HF bands the RSGB Prefix Guide is the book for you.

Size 210x297mm (landscape) 80 pages ISBN 9781 9050 8695 4

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RSGB World Prefix Map - <em>Radio Amateur's Map of the World</em> RSGB World Prefix Map - Radio Amateur's Map of the World

New RSGB top quality map is 980x680mm and printed on top quality silk finished paper. Not only does this map show the location of worldwide prefixes there is an A-Z list of prefixes and expanded map sections covering the Caribbean and Europe making them much easier to read. The handy countries list also shows the DXCC entities with their continent along which CQ and ITU region that they fall in. The map is also overlaid with grid both CQ and ITU zones and a handy annotation of the hour +/- UTC. Printed specially for the RSGB this world prefix map is a very impressive 980mm wide by 680mm tall (approx 38.5"x 27") and is in a 1: 42,000,000 scale.

This map is top quality yet at a low price and a great map that will grace the wall of any shack. To see a larger image of the map click here

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