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RSGB Yearbook 2019 RSGB Yearbook 2019
Edited by Mike Browne, G3DIH


There are more UK and Northern Ireland callsigns on issue than ever and they are all included in the RSGB Yearbook 2019. With thousands of changes and updates included this book contains the very latest details available of around 88,000 callsigns in its massive 528 pages.

The RSGB Yearbook 2019 is also the most comprehensive guide to amateur radio in the UK and worldwide available. Starting with the latest information about the RSGB, its committees and services you will find also find local information about our regional representation, affiliated clubs, contest groups and repeater groups. There is a huge section on operating which covers from operating abroad, through Special Contest calls, RSGB Trophies, RSGB Awards to HF propagation forecasts for 2019. It doesn't stop here either there are the very latest Band Plans, comprehensive information about repeaters, beacons and much more. Broken into 50 sections there is a massive amount of the latest material from across the amateur radio world incorporated into the over 170 pages of the information section.

Providing much more than a simple list of callsigns the RSGB Yearbook 2019 is an essential purchase for every radio amateur shack. Simply put the RSGB Yearbook 2019 puts at your fingertips the best source of amateur radio information available.

210x297mm 528 pages ISBN: 9781 9101 9357 0
Size 210x297mm, 528 pages

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Non Member's Price 17.99
RSGB Member's Price 9.99

Callseeker Plus 2019 Callseeker Plus 2019

As many will know the Callseeker Plus 2018 is the electronic version of the RSGB Yearbook 2018 and much, much more.

As always Callseeker Plus 2018 provides the latest UK and Northern Ireland callsign data but as a bonus you also get call information from 9A, DL, EA, ES, F, HA, HB9, I, LX, LY, OE, OH, ON, OZ, SM, SP, SV and Z3 as well. All this takes up no computer hard disc space as it runs straight from the CD or memory stick, it is really easy to use and. You can search by callsign, name or location and navigating through the search results is quick and easy. You can print the results in a variety of formats including straight to an address label. Callseeker Plus 2018 is the ideal way to search for European QSLs

Callseeker Plus 2018 also boasts a host of "extras" from across Europe, including the RSGB Yearbook 2018 reference information pages (not the complete book) in an easily searchable PDF format providing the very latest amateur radio reference information from the UK and around the World.

Two formats - one price
The Callseeker Plus 2018 is available as either a traditional CD ROM or an USB Memory Stick version. The CD is in the full jewel case whilst the memory stick is encased an Eco bamboo shell. Both are highly portable and easy to use and provide a great alternative to the traditional RSGB Yearbook.

Callseeker Plus 2018 cheaper than a RSGB Yearbook 2018 and with more callsigns -what a bargain!

CD Version

Non Member's Price 16.99
RSGB Member's Price 14.44

Callseeker Plus 2019 - Memory Stick Version Callseeker Plus 2019 - Memory Stick Version

Memory Stick Version

Non Member's Price 16.99
RSGB Member's Price 14.44

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