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<span style='font-size: 14px; color: #ff0000;'>Don't miss our Special Offer Direct Debit Membership</span>
Don't miss our Special Offer Direct Debit Membership

RSGB Renewals RSGB Renewals

If you are a current RSGB member then you can renew your membership online today by - Clicking Here

<span style='font-size: 18px; color: #ff0000;'><strong>RSGB Membership</strong></span> RSGB Membership


RADCOM - Every month Members receive a copy of the UK's biggest and best amateur radio magazine. Pages are packed with the latest news, reviews and advice on amateur radio - a must for everyone who is interested in radio. Also available online.

MEMBERS' ONLY WEB CONTENT - Web pages exclusively for RSGB Members, containing videos, RadCom archive material, Bletchley Park free admission voucher and much more.

QSL BUREAU - A service that enables you to exchange QSL (confirmation of a radio contact) cards in bulk at a fraction of the cost of posting them yourself, especially if the other person is overseas!

BOOK DISCOUNTS - RSGB Members receive at least a 15% discount on the Society's extensive list of some 200 amateur radio books , CDs, RSGB branded merchandise, etc.

CONTESTS - RSGB organises over 60 contests each year for its members. How many radio contacts can you make in the time specified? The more the better - the further the better!

AWARDS - Many awards are available to RSGB Members including ones for contacting 100+ different Commonwealth stations, or 30+ stations in Europe and Africa, or on the 10 GHz band, for a single contact over 150 km.

PLANNING ADVICE - Our free booklet just for Members "Planning Permission: Advice for Members" provides excellent advice on how to maximise your chances of getting planning permission. Further help on a one-to-one basis is available through the efforts of our Planning Panel.

EMC ADVICE - Our EMC Co-ordinators and Committee provide members with specific help in solving your Electromagnetic Compatibility and Radio Interference problems.

REGIONAL TEAM- Local to you a team of RSGB volunteers are there to represent your views and help solve any local issues

MEMBERS ADS - The place to advertise your surplus radio, or to buy second user equipment is in RadCom. Members can advertise for free or receive a special advertisement rate in the premier UK amateur radio magazine with the largest UK circulation.

Don't forget the RSGB exists to protect, promote and enhance the use, understanding and enjoyment of wireless communication. Both in the UK and overseas we influence government and international policy on radio spectrum matters. Add your voice to ours by being a Member.

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<span style='font-size: 20px;'><strong><span style='font-size: 20px; color: #0000ff;'>FREE</span> <span style='color: #ff0000;'>MEMBERSHIP FOR DIRECT DEBIT PAYERS</span></strong></span> FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR DIRECT DEBIT PAYERS

If you have not been an RSGB Member before (or in the last 12 months) you can also take advantage of our special JOIN US FREE offer. This entitles you to the first three months membership for FREE. So you can experience RSGB membership for nothing and your direct debit will not be taken until after the three months are up. Should you wish you can even cancel your membership in the first three months and owe us nothing.

AND you get a £4.00 discount by paying for your membership by direct debit from a UK Bank.

THERE IS EVEN MORE - Rather than pay for an annual membership in one go, you can also spread the cost by paying quarterly or monthly at no extra charge.

What do you have to lose? Sign up right now by clicking here

RSGB Membership (overseas) RSGB Membership (overseas)

Overseas members receive all the benefits of RSGB membership (some geographical restrictions may apply) and are bound by the same conditions. We deliver a copy of RadCom to your door by Air Delivery as part of your fee and you can also access an online version of the magazine directly after publication. There is simply no better way to stay in touch with UK amateur radio than by becoming a member of the RSGB.

Please note If you wish to pay for multiple years of membership you may do so at the next screen by simply selecting the quantity of years required. There is no discount for this service but it does avoid any future increases in the membership fee that may occur during the period paid for.

Click here to join us right now

If you have a UK bank account you could save £4.00 on the usual price by paying by direct debit - click here for details

Radio Society of Great Britain membership by post Radio Society of Great Britain membership by post

If you would prefer to return your membership by post you can download and print a form by clicking here

<span style='font-size: 16px;'><strong>Radio Communications Foundation</strong></span> Radio Communications Foundation

Looking to the Future

Charity No. 1100694

The Radio Communications Foundation (RCF) is a registered charity that exists to help young people get into radio and electronic engineering and to promote radio technology. It has helped fund the RSGB's outreach programme, provided finance for projects put forward by clubs or educational institutions, awarded scholarships to youngsters who demonstrate who demonstrate a commitment to radio and engineering and handled bequests for those who want thier enthusiasum for radio remembered by future generations.

Please help the future of the of our hobby and make a donation no matter how small to this worthwhile cause.


To find out more about the RCF please click here

RSGB Under 21 Membership RSGB Under 21 Membership

The RSGB offers UK licensed amateurs. who live in the UK and are under the age of 21 free membership of the Society. However we are unable to accept web applications for these as we do need some proof of age and licence but we are happy to accept written applications - to download a form please click on the link below.

Under 21 members enjoy the full membership benefits of the Society however those under the age of 16 are not allowed to vote in our elections etc. and are known as junior members until their 16th Birthday.

In addition we offer a free Student Membership which is available to any UK licensed amateur who is in full time education in the UK and aged 21-25. Student Members enjoy all the benefits of RSGB membership and are eligible to vote in elections etc.

Please note that all applications for these grades of membership must be supported by suitable proof of eligibility.

Click here to download an application form

RSGB Blind Membership RSGB Blind Membership

The RSGB offers those who blind the option of becoming a member and recieving thier monthly RadCom on an audio CD. This grade is at the same rate as that of standard membership and enjoys all the same great benefits of membership. Unfortunately we are unable to accept web applications for this grade of membership and would therefore ask that you contact our sales depatment on 01234 832700 or by email at if you would like more details.

RSGB Affiliated Society Membership RSGB Affiliated Society Membership

The RSGB offers clubs, societies, organisations etc the opportuntity to affiliate to us and obtain a large number of membership benefits unique to clubs. For more infomation and an application for for affiliation please Click here

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