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EMC Filters

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 RSGB Filter Service RSGB Filter Service

The RSGB stocks a small range of filters that address the majority of issues likely to be encountered by a radio amateur. More information on the various filters and other EMC matters can be found on the RSGB EMC website using the link below.

RSGB EMC Committee Filter Information and Website

Ferrite Ring Ferrite Ring

As recomended by the RSGB EMC Committee these rings are made from Fair-Rite 43 material. Inside diameter 22.85mm and a ferrite width of 12.7mm (total width 35.5mm). This can accommodate 12 turns of 5mm diameter cable.

Please note the price shown is for one ring as these are packed as singles

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Non Member's Price 2.35
RSGB Member's Price 1.99

Filter 3 Filter 3

HPF & Braid breaker - For UHF TV

*** Sorry no longer available ***

These filters are effective where a CRT is being affected, however they become much less useful since the introduction of Digital TV. However if you would like one these filters may still be available from Spectrum Communications, click here to visit their website

Filter 15 Filter 15

21MHz (15M) notch filter TNF2

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Non Member's Price 10.00
RSGB Member's Price 8.50

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