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Test Equipment for the Radio AmateurTest Equipment for the Radio Amateur  New
5th Edition
By Philip Lawson, G4FCL

This book is aimed at the radio amateur, listener and electronic enthusiast who wants to make a variety of measurements without necessarily spending a fortune on expensive test equipment. It is a very practical book, designed to help you develop care and skill in making the most common and important measurements, quickly, safely and affordably.

In this new fifth edition of Test Equipment for the Radio Amateur, the reader will find, for the first time, extensive links to internet sources for access to the very latest information on construction projects, equipment and measurements. The sections on commercial and home-brew equipment have been separated for clarity, new items added and some dated items removed. Timeless reference data has been retained; some items of technical theory have been given their own section, and extended, for those who wish to deepen their understanding of these areas. Written in an extremely readable style this book represents a significant update to, and restructuring of, the previous edition.

This book is designed to give an overview of how each item of test equipment works, what it can be used for and even how much it might cost. Many general measurements, plus specific measurements on transmitters and receivers, are described in detail. Matters such as the effect of the test equipment on the circuit to be measured are especially considered, so that the measurement results may be interpreted correctly. A large section of the Test Equipment for the Radio Amateur is devoted to home construction, as it is frequently possible to make an extremely useful item of test equipment for a fraction of the price of its commercial counterpart, and there is the added benefit of the practical skill and learning that comes with such a construction project.

Test Equipment for the Radio Amateur is a practical guide to getting the most out of your equipment and understanding exactly how your station is performing. It is simply a must have book for every radio amateur.

Size 174x240mm, 192 pages, ISBN: 9781 9101 9365 5

**** Please Note that this book will not ship until early December ****

Copies of the old edition are still available at a discounted price (whilst stocks last) - click here for details

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The Bluffer's Guide to Social MediaThe Bluffer's Guide to Social Media  New
by Susie Boniface


This new edition of the Bluffer's Guide to Social Media is as the name suggests an insight into all things social media. This fun guide is packed with interesting information, insights and tips, making it perfect for both pros and those who are new to social media.

Designed so you can instantly acquire all the knowledge you need to pass as an expert in the world of social media. Know what to say, what not to say, what to post, what not to post, and what excuses to make if you don't know the difference between a tweet and a dweet, or even a retweet (which, any tweeple worth their salt will know is always called an RT). Never again confuse a LOL with an ROFL, a selfie with a shelfie, or Godwin's Law with the Streisand Effect. Bask in the admiration of your fellow social media aficionados as you pronounce confidently on the chances of Facebook going the way of Friends Reunited and Bebo, and why MySpace could be the Casio keyboard of the 21st century. Above all don't hold back when it comes to saying what you really think of trolls, pointing out that there has never yet been one who had a healthy mental attitude, a steady job and the requisite intelligence to write anything worth reading.

Written by experts and offering readers the opportunity to pass off appropriated knowledge as their own, the Bluffer's Guides provide hard fact masquerading as frivolous observation in one witty, easy read.

Size: 178x110mm, 128 pages ISBN: 9781785212291

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ARRL Handbook 2019 - <span style='color: #ff0000;'><strong>NEW Edition</strong></span>ARRL Handbook 2019 - NEW Edition  New

Radio Experimentation, Discovery and Achievement

Now in its 96th edition the ARRL Handbook 2019 continues to advance the pursuit of experimentation and innovation by radio amateurs. First published in 1926 this book aims to be a complete reference and guide to radio technology principles and practices.

The key topics covered by this edition of the ARRL Handbook 2019 are Radio electronics theory and principles, Circuit design and equipment, Radio signal transmission and propagation, Digital and analogue modulation and protocols, Antennas and transmission lines and Construction practices. There is much packed into the impressive 1280 pages of the Handbook and as always much has been updated and revised.

New projects and content for this edition includes a simple SLA Float Charger project, Amateur Radio Data Platforms, the latest information on WSJT-X digital modes, filter and circuit design software, low-Noise VHF and UHF Oscillators, an update on Solar Cycle 24, updated SSTV practices and technology, designing dual-band loaded dipoles and even a latest transceiver survey. Plus, new component tables, reference articles, material characteristics, and guidelines for SDR design. This book now comes with a download suite of a fully searchable eBook digital edition of the printed book, as well as expanded supplemental content, software, PC board templates, and other support files.

Size 208x274mm, 1280 pages, ISBN: 97816259 5088 8

Sorry but this item is not available for overseas shipping, due to its weight

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RSGB European Locator MapRSGB European Locator Map  New

If you are looking for something to grace the wall of your shack but also offers much more, then the RSGB Locator Map of Europe could be for you.

This high quality Locator map is offset printed onto a thick 150gsm paper and contains all the features you would expect of this type of map. There is the usual QTH grid (Maidenhead) locator system and you will see the various country prefixes which are easy to pick out at a glance. For extra reference large cities are also depicted. There is also a European DXCC table picked out with country flag which provides a checkbox for bands worked 6m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm & UHF. There are also other useful features such as a meteor shower calendar and a 2m & 70cm beacon list.

Delivered in a sturdy postal tube these large maps are 590x980mm and make the ideal addition to any radio amateur shack.

To see a larger image, other maps and special members' only bundle deal click here

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Haynes build your own RobotHaynes build your own Robot  New
By James Cooper


If you are a follower of Robot Wars is the highly successful TV series or not, this Hardback book is very well written and incredibly detailed. This Haynes manual is produced in a similar style to the familiar 'how to' guides for cars but doesn't just include details about building robots but much more.

This Haynes - Build Your Own Robot Manual provides a unique behind-the-scenes look at the show - the arena, and both house and competitors' robots. Lavishly illustrated with high quality pictures there are step-by-step extensively illustrated instructions for building three project robots, from a simple 'self-navigating' robot, to a fully controllable Robot Wars challenger.

If you have been fascinated by robot competitors 'fighting to the death' on TV this could be the book for you. Why not indulge yourself whilst reading about construction techniques and of course competitor teams battling each other and the fearsome 'house robots' - Dead Metal, Matilda, Shunt and Sir Killalot?

The Haynes - Build Your Own Robot Manual essential reading for all Robot Wars fans and anyone interested in something different to construct.

Hardback, Size 216x279mm, 176 pages ISBN: 9781785211867

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Power Supplies ExplainedPower Supplies Explained  New
By Paul Lee, G3ZKO

A power supply is something that is often overlooked by radio amateurs, as for many it is simply the box, that at the flick of a switch, provides stable DC voltage. A modern power supply is though much more, combining theory that dates back to the nineteenth century incorporating the latest techniques in digital control, with a wealth of electronics practice in between. Power Supplies Explained sets out to do exactly this - explain in understandable terms what that little box is doing, right through to designing your own bespoke power supply.

Some believe there is a little magic in power supply design; beginners especially are wary of the challenging mixture of digital, analogue, magnetics and control loops, with cooling, EMC and safety to contend with as well. Whilst many books deal with the theory in depth, they often give little guidance on the practical aspects of achieving working designs - Power Supplies Explained is different. This book seeks to detail how circuits are chosen for the application and how circuits are designed including their inductors and transformers. Calculations are outlined in a simple way so that the reader can use them as a basis for their own designs.

Readers will find chapters that include descriptions of 'linear' supplies and a wide range of 'switched-mode' types from simple buck converters to the latest off-line high-efficiency topologies. The worked examples are based around typical radio amateur requirements and in many cases are versions of commercial products that the author has successfully designed. There are also chapters on magnetics theory, control loops, EMC, practical construction techniques, test equipment and much more. High voltage power supplies are included with comprehensive guidance on safety.

Power Supplies Explained sets out to dispel the mystery and encourage readers to 'have a go' with their own designs and get the satisfaction of being able to say, 'I made that'.

This book is also available on Amazon Kindle click here for that version

Size 174x240mm, 320 pages
ISBN: 9781 9101 9364 8

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RSGB T-ShirtsRSGB T-Shirts  New

Want to show your appreciation of CW?

As a user of Morse code there has never been a better way to express your appreciation as never before with these new RSGB T-shirts. Our new 'May the Morse be with you' T-shirt has proved a real hit with RSGB members. Produced as a special edition and only available for a short period these t-shirts make a real statement.

These shirts are made from rich combed softer cotton that is 100% ring spun yarn which makes for the perfect fitting classic tee. These 165-170 GSM t-shirts come with double needle stitching for durability and are taped shoulder to shoulder. All of which makes these screen printed t-shirts comfortable to wear whilst making your statement.

Do you love or hate FT8?
The digital mode FT8 is a real Marmite mode for most, you either love it or hate it. Produced to the same high standard as our Morse shirts, these also make a great statement or gift.

All shirts are available in Large, X Large and XX Large and Medium (Morse t-shirt only) but only whilst stocks last.

Please Note: Some sizes are already no longer available so be quick if you want one as when they are gone, they are gone!
Price: 4.99

Slogan required
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  • May the Morse be with you - Black   
  • FT8 and I HATE It - Red   
  • FT8 and I LOVE it - Purple   
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From Infrared to X-rays, the Curious History of Invisible Light
by Bob Berman


The universe is literally made of light. As you read this you are being swarmed by radio waves, step outside and you'll get a dose of ultraviolet and infrared from the sun. ZAPPED written by popular science writer Bob Berman, tells the story of all the light we cannot see, tracing infrared, microwaves, ultraviolet, X-rays, gamma rays, radio waves and other forms of radiation. This highly accessible book provides a view of the historic, world-altering discoveries in the 19th century through to their central role of invisible light in our modern way of life and even the consequences of our newest technologies.

An accessible blend of narrative history and science, ZAPPED tells the story of the unseen energies all around us. Bob reveals what microwaves from smartphones do to our brains, how birds use ultraviolet light to track prey, why gamma rays are the most powerful form of light, and so much more. Replete with amazing characters and mindboggling quantum leaps, ZAPPED offers a teasing peek into the future and some of the startling technologies we might yet live to see. The book even spends time with scientists attempting to detect broadcasts from extra-terrestrials and notes that in 1974 we sent a message to star cluster M13. If any aliens respond promptly, we'll hear from them in 52000

With a unique talent for making science relatable and fun, Bob Berman provides a lively, informative book, packed with "eureka moment" stories, that will delight anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the Invisible light spectrum.

Size 190x198mm, 272 pages ISBN: 9781 7860 7373 0

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The Full Licence ManualThe Full Licence Manual  New
for the Radio Amateur

by Alan Betts, G0HIQ

Syllabus 2019 Edition - for exams from July 2019 onwards

This book is the third course-book in the RSGB series for those interested in obtaining an amateur radio licence. In line with the progressive three-tier UK licence structure The Full Licence Manual completes the natural progression from Intermediate and Foundation Licence Now!

Fully revised to reflect the changes introduced in Syllabus 2019 the Full Licence Manual contains all of the information required to move to the final stage of amateur radio licensing. Written to match the Full licence syllabus the book is broken down into logical sections. Licence conditions are covered in detail as are operating techniques and amateur radio safety. As you would expect, there are sections covering technical matters such as circuits, semi-conductors and more. The Transmitter and Receiver are covered in detail along with the material required for understanding the Software Defined Radio section of the syllabus. Feeders, Antennas and Propagation all get chapters of their own, as do Electromagnetic Compatibility and Measurements, All this means that the Full Licence Manual is the ideal companion to a formal training course. The book is also a useful reference source and many amateurs will find themselves referring to it long after they have passed their examination.

The Full Licence Manual is for everyone progressing to the Full licence from The Intermediate Licence and is the best route to success in the examination.

Size: 210x297 mm, 104 pages, ISBN 9781 9101 9361 7

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RSGB Yearbook 2019RSGB Yearbook 2019  New
Edited by Mike Browne, G3DIH

There are more UK and Northern Ireland callsigns on issue than ever and they are all included in the RSGB Yearbook 2019. With thousands of changes and updates included this book contains the very latest details available of around 88,000 callsigns in its massive 528 pages.

The RSGB Yearbook 2019 is also the most comprehensive guide to amateur radio in the UK and worldwide available. Starting with the latest information about the RSGB, its committees and services you will find also find local information about our regional representation, affiliated clubs, contest groups and repeater groups. There is a huge section on operating which covers from operating abroad, through Special Contest calls, RSGB Trophies, RSGB Awards to HF propagation forecasts for 2019. It doesn't stop here either there are the very latest Band Plans, comprehensive information about repeaters, beacons and much more. Broken into 50 sections there is a massive amount of the latest material from across the amateur radio world incorporated into the over 170 pages of the information section.

Providing much more than a simple list of callsigns the RSGB Yearbook 2019 is an essential purchase for every radio amateur shack. Simply put the RSGB Yearbook 2019 puts at your fingertips the best source of amateur radio information available.

210x297mm 528 pages ISBN: 9781 9101 9357 0
Size 210x297mm, 528 pages

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Callseeker Plus 2019Callseeker Plus 2019  New

As many will know the Callseeker Plus 2018 is the electronic version of the RSGB Yearbook 2018 and much, much more.

As always Callseeker Plus 2018 provides the latest UK and Republic of Ireland callsign data but as a bonus you also get call information from 9A, DL, EA, ES, F, HA, HB9, I, LX, LY, OE, OH, ON, OZ, SM, SP, SV and Z3 as well. All this takes up no computer hard disc space as it runs straight from the CD or memory stick, it is really easy to use and. You can search by callsign, name or location and navigating through the search results is quick and easy. You can print the results in a variety of formats including straight to an address label. Callseeker Plus 2018 is the ideal way to search for European QSLs

Callseeker Plus 2018 also boasts a host of "extras" from across Europe, including the RSGB Yearbook 2018 reference information pages in an easily searchable PDF format providing the very latest amateur radio reference information from the UK and around the World.

Two formats - one price
The Callseeker Plus 2018 is available as either a traditional CD ROM or an USB Memory Stick version. The CD is in the full jewel case whilst the memory stick is encased an Eco bamboo shell. Both are highly portable and easy to use and provide a great alternative to the traditional RSGB Yearbook.

Callseeker Plus 2018 cheaper than a RSGB Yearbook 2018 and with more callsigns -what a bargain!

CD Version

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Callseeker Plus 2019 - Memory Stick VersionCallseeker Plus 2019 - Memory Stick Version  New

Memory Stick Version

Non Member's Price 16.99
RSGB Member's Price 14.44

RSGB Deluxe Log Book & Diary 2019RSGB Deluxe Log Book & Diary 2019  New
The RSGB Deluxe Log Book & Diary 2019 simply provides more than any other regular logbook.

For many there is nothing better than looking at a well maintained log book to bring back memories of challenging QSOs and memories of old friends. The impersonal face of a computer log is replaced by the tactile and easy to follow log book. If you are looking for an attractive way to record your log year by year the RSGB Deluxe Log Book & Diary 2019 provides an ideal solution.

This best-selling annual logbook contains a wealth of extra material just where you want it, when you want it, right at your fingertips in your shack. Not only is there a generous log section with plenty of space for you to record a whole year activity but much more. The RSGB Deluxe Log Book & Diary 2019 contains the latest UK Band plans, RSGB Contest Calendar, DXCC prefix list and RSGB QSL Bureau information. The information doesn't stop there either, a locator map (and an explanation of how locators work), repeater information, diary section, notes pages, handy lists of operating abbreviations & codes - pretty much everything you want to know when operating is include. If you want to keep your log for years to come and make it easy to look over then the RSGB Deluxe Log Book & Diary 2019 provides an attractive logbook that will grace any shelf for years to come.

The RSGB Deluxe Log Book & Diary 2019 includes:
· Current UK band plans
· European locator map
· Prefix guide
· Repeater listings
· QSL bureau information
· RSGB Contest Calendar
· Generous Log section
· 2019 Diary
· Handy lists of abbreviations & codes

This logbook isn't just somewhere to note your QSLs but much more and don't forget - much more than a standard logbook - yet it the same price

Size 210x255mm, 80 pages ISBN: 9781 9101 9360 0

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By By Bernard O'Connor

'The couple were found to be carrying forged identity and ration cards, a wireless transmitter and receiver set, a torch with 'Made in Bohemia' on it, a revolver, ammunition, a coding device, graph paper, about £400 and a half eaten German sausage. Given the evidence they were arrested and escorted to London for interrogation'

Many are familiar with the stories of SOE and the activities of agents working across Europe for the Allied cause during WWII but far fewer are aware of the extent of the German activities. This hardback book sets out to describe these activities with the sometimes comical outcomes and the Allied counter espionage activities.

Even before the outbreak of war, the Nazis provided the IRA with assistance for their plan to sabotage the British mainland. Prior to their planned invasion in the summer of 1940, the Nazis were also keen to recruit members of the Welsh and Scottish Nationalist Parties to engage in sabotaging British targets and, over the course of the war, infiltrated dozens of trained agents from countries including Norway, Denmark, Holland, France and Cuba.

The aim was to blow up military, industrial, transport and telecommunication targets, to lower morale among the civilian population and disrupt the war effort. What happened to the myriad plots to blow up Britain? We know that intelligence obtained from decrypted enemy messages via Bletchley Park and double agents like ZIGZAG, SUMMER and TATE alerted MI5 to some of these spies' arrivals, but what about the others? How successful were MI5's efforts to fake acts of sabotage and arrange media coverage to fool the enemy into thinking their agents were still at large and on task? This book tells the complete story of the successes and failures of the Nazi terror offensive on mainland Britain during 1938-1944.

Size 156x234mm, 320 pages, Hardback, ISBN 9781 4456 6963 2

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ARRL Portable Operating for Amateur Radio ARRL Portable Operating for Amateur Radio  New
By Stuart Thomas, KB1HQS

For many amateur radio stations are traditionally home based and associated with a table full of gear. However in recent years many have taken on the challenge of operating portable, away from home. A new generation of compact, full-featured, portable radios combines with modern battery technology to make it easier than ever to set up your station and enjoy amateur radio in the great outdoors. This book sets out to show what is possible and the fun to be had when operating portable.

With the increase in organised outdoor operating activities by clubs and award programmes such as SOTA, it's no wonder that more radio amateurs have been inspired to venture into portable operations. Anyone can give portable operating a try and this book shows that portable operators use HF and VHF bands, as well as SSB, FM, CW, and digital modes. There are chapters dedicated to organising your equipment, radios you can use, power sources, portable antennas, the on air activities and even a handy online resource listing.

This book provides something for everyone, if you want to activate from a picnic table at a nearby park, or a remote summit, Portable Operating for Amateur Radio offers a wealth of practical information to help make your portable amateur radio operations successful.

Size 208x265mm, 176 pages, ISBN: 9781 6259 5080 2

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Get on the Air with HF Digital (2nd Edition)Get on the Air with HF Digital (2nd Edition)  New
By Steve Ford, WB8IMY

Now including popular modes FT8 and WSPR!

The popularity of HF digital communications among Amateur Radio operators continues to grow rapidly. A few watts of RF power are all it takes to work the world - digitally! Written in an easy to understand style, this book will show you how to set up and operate your own HF digital station.

Fully updated, the second edition of Get on the Air with HF Digital is a step-by-step guide that'll get you started in the fascinating world of HF digital technology. Starting with the basics of build your own an HF digital station there is advice on the essentials: the radio, the computer and the device that ties them together. The book then moves on to discuss PSK31 for worldwide working with low power and minimal antennas and RTTY which for many is still the champ when it comes to contesting and DX hunting. The "WSJT Modes:" are explored in particular the newer and increasingly popular FT8 and JT65. MFSK and Olivia modes are not forgotten as these will still have you chatting when all others have given up. PACTOR and WSPR are also discussed in detail. Get on the Air with HF Digital provides instructions for configuring all these modes and how to get the best out of them.

Get on the Air with HF Digital provides readers with a practical advice on this fun and easy way to get on the air. If you want to start operating HF digital modes this is a great place to start.

Size: 184x227mm, 144 pages ISBN 9781 6259 5083 3

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A Mind at PlayA Mind at Play  New
By Jimmy Sonni & Rob Goodman


An acclaimed biography of one of the foremost intellects of the twentieth century: Claude Shannon, the unsung architect of the information age

This is the extraordinary story of the little-known man who influenced every computer built, email sent, video streamed, and webpage loaded. He wrote the seminal text of the digital revolution, which has been called 'the Magna Carta of the Information Age.' His discoveries would lead contemporaries to compare him to Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. His work anticipated by decades the world we live in today and gave mathematicians and engineers the tools to create the digital technology we rely on.

Claude Shannon's career stretched from the era of room-sized computers powered by gears and string to the age of Apple. His life shows us the beginnings of modern technology: in the 'idea factory' of Bell Labs, in the 'scientists' war' with Nazi Germany, and in the work of Shannon's collaborators and rivals, including Alan Turing. He also constructed customized unicycles, a flame throwing trumpet, outfoxed Vegas casinos and even built juggling robots. With access to Shannon's family and friends, A Mind at Play brings this singular innovator and creative genius to life.

Size: 156x233mm, 384 pages ISBN 9781 4456 8277 8

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Amsats and HamsatsAmsats and Hamsats  New
Amateur Radio and other Small Satellites
by Andrew Barron, ZL3DW

This book is simply the most comprehensive guide available on how you communicate through amateur radio satellites and how to receive signals from other small satellites and ‘weather’ satellites. Written by best-selling amateur radio author Andrew Barron, ZL3DW this is the answer to everything you wanted to know about this exciting world of satellites.

Amsats and Hamsats begins by answering questions like, ‘how do satellites stay in orbit’ and ‘why are they so expensive to launch?’ before moving onto sections about the history of amateur radio satellites, the mathematics governing orbits, different types of satellite and their orbits. It covers the equipment you need, to track and use the amateur satellites and some of the satellite tracking software that is available. There are detailed sections covering feeders, masthead preamplifiers, antenna systems and automated rotator control. There are the details of FUN cube Satellites, Weather Satellites and even the International Space Station. If you want to know the art of the possible and what satellites are available, where they are, new ones that are planned and even the bands you can operate, Amsats and Hamsats has the answer. There is much more included and this book provides the ultimate guide to operating satellites.

Amsats and Hamsats, provides within its impressive 368 pages a great value guide to this stimulating and challenging area of amateur radio activity. If you want to get started or are already an experienced operator you will find something of value in these pages.

To buy this book and the new Software Defined Radio book for only £20.00 click here

Size 174x240mm, 368 pages
ISBN: 9781 9101 9354 9

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60 Antennas60 Antennas  New
you will want to build!
Edited by Giles Read, G1MFG

Whatever the type of antenna, there is always a genuine sense of achievement when you build one yourself and it provides great results. This book sets out to provide a huge array of designs that the home constructor can attempt and more importantly will want to build.

Unlike many other antenna books this book starts with the premise that it will provide all the information needed to construct the antenna so it is at your fingertips when you start. Broken into sections 60 Antennas provides designs from the simple to the complex but still achievable for the home constructor. 60 Antennas starts with a section on Vertical Antennas which includes antennas from 2-160m and even 630m. Readers will find here mobile 'screwdriver' and Slim Jim antennas and compact verticals for a wide range of situations. The book moves onto Horizontal Antennas that also cover the amateur radio spectrum with dipoles, multi-bands and more. Directional antennas are covered with a variety of beams and quads. The section on Loop Antennas includes an indoor variant and details of how to make these as efficient as possible. For those with restrictions of what antennas they can use Stealthy Antennas provides a variety of invisible or nearly invisible options amongst the designs included. VHF and up isn't forgotten with a selection of antennas for microwaves, 2m, 70cm that includes horn, beams and log periodic varieties. are a host of is much

There is not enough space here to list all the antennas or their variations are included in 60 Antennas. Selected from around the amateur radio World and from some of the great names of antenna design there is much here that will inspire 'You to want build!' your next antenna.

ISBN: 9781 9101 9355 6
Size 174x240mm, 288 pages

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ARRL Receiving Antennas for the Radio AmateurARRL Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur  New
Transmitting and receiving antennas have different jobs to do
By Eric P. Nichols, KL7AJ

Although the fundamental characteristics of antennas apply to both transmission and reception, the requirements and priorities of receiving antennas can be vastly different from those of transmitting antennas. Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur focuses entirely on active and passive receiving antennas and their associated circuits. There are relatively few cases where a radio amateur cannot benefit from a separate, well-designed receiving antenna or antenna system. On the low bands, including our new allocations at 630 and 2,200 meters, heavy emphasis on the receiving end of these radio paths is essential for success.

The active antenna holds a prominent position in Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur, as it offers good receiving performance while taking up minimal space. Recent developments in radio frequency (RF) semiconductors, especially low-noise RF operational amplifiers, have made a number of previously difficult-to-implement active antenna designs a very simple task. Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur is a wide ranging book readers will find chapters covering Preamplifiers, Power Gain, Small loops and a wide array of other antennas. There are chapters on LF, NVIS, Propagation and of course Antenna Projects, Construction Techniques and a lot more.

If you are looking to maximise your receive capabilities, this book provides the ideal guide to this topic and is a must for every radio amateur's bookshelf.

ISBN: 9781 6259 5078 9
Size 208x265mm, 256 pages

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The Future of ViolenceThe Future of Violence  New
Robots and Germs, Hackers and Drones: Confronting the New Age of Threat

By Benjamin Wittes & Gabriella Blum


From drone warfare in the Middle East to digital spying, today's governments have harnessed the power of cutting-edge technology to awesome effect. But what happens when ordinary people have the same tools at their fingertips? Advances in cyber technology, biotechnology and robotics mean that more people than ever before have access to potentially dangerous technologies - from drones to computer networks and biological agents - which could be used to attack states and private citizens alike. The Future of Violence, details the myriad possibilities and enormous risks present in the modern world, and argues that if our national governments can no longer adequately protect us from harm, they will lose their legitimacy. The book also explains how governments, companies and citizens must rethink their efforts to protect our lives and liberty.

The way that technology is changing the threat landscape starkly highlights the importance of public policy in a way we have never seen before. The Future of Violence starts with the exciting "what if" stuff from assassinations by remote control spiders through to drones attacking sporting venues. The book goes onto explore the historical underpinnings that have led us to where we are today. Whilst all the threats discussed may come to pass this book throws a spotlight on the topic and provides a very thought provoking read.

ISBN 9781 4456 6668 6
Size 129x199mm, 336 pages

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The VoicesThe Voices  New
Spying and Radio Warfare During the Cold War

By Gordon Adams, G3LEQ

Many are aware of the spying activity that took place following WWII until the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991. Few though are aware of the radio jamming, broadcasts of encrypted messages or any of the other electronic skulduggery that took place during this time. This book shines a light on these activities that range from the extraordinary to the most mundane but most disruptive imaginable.

Readers of The Voices will find the details of the radio warfare engaged in the Americans, Soviets and British along with a number of other countries and groups from the Middle-East to the Caribbean. You will find details of the author's first experiences of radio jamming that lead to his deep fascination as to what was going happening on the airwaves at this time. There is discussion of the activities of propaganda stations such as Radio Marti, Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe and many others. The mysterious Numbers Stations, their coded messages and the non-attributable callsigns are explained here. The author talks about where the spies operated from and the radio traffic they generated. There is a chapter on Orford Ness and the still secret Cobra Mist project along with a reflection of the role of Cyprus and the UK's Sovereign bases. There is even detail of the role of the BBC and their World Service during these times.

Produced as a tribute to the late, Gordon Adams, G3LEQ this book is based on series of articles first published in RadCom in 2000-2001 and a fond remembrance of someone whose tireless efforts influenced the RSGB for many years. This book has edited from those articles and expanded with new pictures and small amounts of material omitted from that series.

The Voices book is a truly eye-opening read for those who are unaware of this part of our history. It is simply thoroughly recommended reading for those interested in the Cold War and the radio warfare that took place in the latter part of the 20th Century.

ISBN: 9781 9101 9353 2 Size 174x240mm, 120 pages

This book is also available on Amazon Kindle click here for that version

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50 Projects for Radio Amateurs50 Projects for Radio Amateurs  New
Edited by Mike Browne, G3DIH

Many radio amateurs love to design and construct electronic projects from the very simple right through to the very complex. 50 Projects for Radio Amateurs draws together a wide array of projects that the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) has published. You will find projects as diverse as antennas, simple test equipment through to 70cm handhelds and much besides.

50 Projects for Radio Amateurs is broken sections that cover Measurement & Filters, Morse, Antennas and large section covering useful station accessories, peripherals and other diverse projects. The projects included range from complex DIY antenna analysers through to a simple electronic keyer and builds on simple strip board. There are two transceivers that you can build alongside antennas for bands from Microwaves to HF. There are also four handy reference guides explaining Using 10Ghz, Screening, Baluns and Aerial Maintenance. This book has something for everyone whatever their level of construction ability and all will find something interesting to construct and build. Most projects are also straightforward and can often be built in a weekend or over a few evenings.

All the projects included in 50 Projects for Radio Amateurs are selected to stimulate and inspire you to get out the soldering iron and get building the array of useful tools, interesting antennas and much more that are included in the book. Thoroughly recommended reading for any level of amateur radio constructor.

Size 174x240mm, 256pages
ISBN: 9781 9101 9352 5

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ARRL's Hands On Radio Experiments - Volume 3ARRL's Hands On Radio Experiments - Volume 3  New
Ham Radio: Where Hands-On Lives On!

By: Ward Silver, N0AX

Many will be familiar with the two previous volumes of this book (which are still available) and this volume covers material from the ARRL's 'Hands-On Radio' column published in their magazine QST from 2013-2017. As usual the book provides you through a host of basic electronics experiments, designed to increase your understanding of radio fundamentals, components, circuits and design.

Readers will find ARRL's Hands-On Radio Experiments - Volume 3 the book broken down into eight different sections covering an array of topics. You will find sections covering experiments to get the best out of antennas and another on transmission lines and impedance matching. You will also find sections on electronic circuitry, electronic components and electronic fundamentals. Other sections included cover Tests and Test Equipment, RF Techniques and Practical Station Practices. All are written in a clear and easy to understand style which will encourage you start experimenting yourself.

As the title of this book suggests it is about putting our hands on radios and there will be new things to learn and techniques to try - ARRL's Hands-On Radio Experiments - Volume 3 brings you these and is recommended reading for everyone interested in practical 'Hands-On' amateur radio experimenting.

Size 184x229mm, 128 pages
ISBN: 9781 6259 5079 6
Previous volumes of Hands On Radio Experiments can be found here

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RadCom 2017 Archive - CD VersionRadCom 2017 Archive - CD Version  New
2017 was another bumper year for the RSGB and RadCom. The over 1200 pages of RadCom we published in the year contained more feature articles than ever before all of which can be easily accessed and searched from the new RadCom 2017 Archive.

As always the RadCom 2017 Archive contains every page of the very best amateur radio information that RadCom produced in 2017. The easy to use and fully searchable PDF format allows you to look back over 65 Construction & Technical Features, 25 Antenna Features,15 Equipment Reviews and over 85 other Feature articles. The equipment reviews covered equipment releases such as the Elecraft KX2, Yaesu FT-891 and SDR equipment such as ANAN-8000DLE, SDRplay and much more. You will also find all the host of regular columns that RadCom features, from Antennas to VHF/UHF. Simply everything printed in RadCom in 2017 is included, even the adverts.

The RadCom 2017 Archive also contains a copy of Acrobat Reader DC and additional bonus material including samples from other Archive CDs and even some of the newer RSGB books Antennas for MF and above and Valve Amplifiers Explained.

CD Version

To see other RadCom Archives click here

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RadCom 2017 Archive - USB Memory Stick VersionRadCom 2017 Archive - USB Memory Stick Version  New
For those who don't want the RadCom Archive 2017 on a CD Rom we also produce the USB Memory Stick Version which contains all the same material as the CD version in a highly portable and easy to use format.

USB Memory Stick Version

To see other RadCom Archives on USB Memory Stick click here

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ARRL's Best of The Doctor is InARRL's Best of The Doctor is In  New
Practical advice about antennas, transmission lines, and more!

By Joel Hallas, W1ZR

If you have not yet discovered the regular The Doctor is In column in the ARRL magazine QST then this book is a revelation. Written in a question and answer format the column dispenses practical answers troublesome problems, myth busting and great ideas covering a range of topics.

The ARRL's Best of The Doctor is In distils more than a decade of the advice and ideas of Joel Hallas, W1ZR covering as it says in the sub title antennas, transmission lines and more. Readers will find masses of questions broken down into sections covering VHF/UHF Antennas, HF Wire Antennas, HF Vertical Antennas, HF Yagi Antennas and Transmission Lines. Each question is treated to an answer written an eminently readable form that informs, provokes and stimulates. There are dozens of designs, practical solutions to an array of antenna issues included from the pages of QST.

If you're puzzling over how to improve your station antennas, or solve a problem with your antenna system, chances are someone else has shared the same questions with - and received helpful answers from - The Doctor. Having ARRL's Best of The Doctor is In at hand is the next best thing to a visit from W1ZR himself!

Size 184x229mm, 128 pages
ISBN: 9781 6259 5074 1

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Software Defined RadioSoftware Defined Radio  New
By Andrew Barron, ZL3DW

Everyone is talking about software defined radio (SDR) but is SDR right for you? Software Defined Radio sets out to explain the basics without getting to technical and is written to help you too get the most out of your SDR. It will even help you decide what to buy.

Written by New Zealand based and acknowledged SDR expert Andrew Barron, ZL3DW, Software Defined Radio covers a huge range of material. The use of SDR by radio amateurs is growing rapidly in popularity as they become aware of the great features and performance on offer. Not only does this book cover how SDR works there are details the different types of software that are available, what is different about them and even what is better. There is a wealth of useful information included and even guides to what to look for when you are buying equipment. There are guides to using SDR with CW, Digital Modes, Contesting, EME, Microwaves, Satellites and much more. You will find information on over 60 SDR radios that you can buy today featuring leading brands such as FlexRadio, Elecraft, Anan, Expert, Elad, Icom, WiNRADiO, SDRplay, FUNcube and many more.

Software Defined Radio is intended for radio amateurs, short wave listeners or anyone interested in radio technology. If you are interested in the technology of what was once, the domain of a few dedicated hackers and experimenters, the future of this exciting and fast developing area of radio or simply want to buy a SDR radio, this book is thoroughly recommended reading.

To buy this book and the new Amsat & Hamsat book for only £20.00 click here

Size 174x240mm, 304 pages
ISBN: 9781 9101 9349 5

Non Member's Price 12.99
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Valve Amplifiers ExplainedValve Amplifiers Explained  New
by John Fielding, ZS5JF

This new book by John Fielding, ZS5JF, is for everyone who uses - or is considering using - an HF or VHF linear amplifier. While some amateurs may be of the opinion that valves are an obsolete technology and semiconductors are a better way, John Fielding very definitely thinks otherwise! After reading this book you will be under no illusions that, in his opinion, valves are far superior to semiconductor devices for most linear amplifier applications. As he says, "When you need real power and very good linearity, a valve is very hard to beat."

Essential reading for anyone building a valve linear amplifier, the author guides the reader through the choice of valves for various purposes. Valve Amplifiers Explained starts with a chapter on basic valve theory and explains how to interpret valve characteristic curves. The various classes of operation of amplifiers - Class A, Class B, Class AB1, Class AB2 and Class C - are all covered in detail. The relative merits of grounded cathode and grounded grid amplifiers are discussed and a chapter is devoted to the causes of distortion in valve amplifiers - and how to avoid such distortion. The author explains that linearity is primarily a function of the power dissipation of the device and the supply voltage and he devotes a whole chapter to good power supply design. The various protection circuits that an amplifier should have are also covered. While the book is equally relevant to HF and VHF enthusiasts, a chapter is devoted specifically to the design of VHF RF power amplifiers. Another chapter even discusses liquid cooling of valve amplifiers.

There is advice too for those who, instead of building an amplifier, are considering purchasing a commercially-made linear. Those who use commercial linear amplifiers and want to understand more about how they work will not be disappointed.

As John says, "There is a certain aura about valve equipment. The glowing filaments and the gentle buzz of a high voltage power supply are a sort of magic few have had the pleasure of knowing." After reading Valve Amplifiers Explained you will want to join that elite few!

Size: 174x240mm 200 pages ISBN: 9781 9101 9347 1

This book is also available on Amazon Kindle click here for that version

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Antennas for MF and AboveAntennas for MF and Above  New
A guide to practical antennas from 630m to 60m

By Mike Parkin, G0JMI

Written by RadCom antennas guru Mike Parkin this is a book that provides exactly what is says on the cover. Antennas for MF and Above is a practical guide to antennas for the relatively new 630m band, 160m, 80m and equally new 60m band.

This book is aimed at the constructor, or those who are curious to understand in further detail the theoretical aspects of the antenna techniques used on these bands. Rather than concentrating on single bands, Mike shows how you can often use the same approach or even the same antenna to work two or more bands. There are examples of how a 160m antenna can be pressed into service on 630m or even 80m ones that can be made to work on 160 and 60m. There are specialised chapters covering for example antennas for 630m

You will find examples of single band and multi-band working designs for both vertical and horizontally polarised antennas. There are explanations of the operation of antennas with radiation pattern diagrams used to help with understanding the concepts introduced. You will also find practical techniques for matching the antenna to the transmission line are covered using examples of baluns, transformers and ATUs to illustrate these methods.

If you are interested in experimenting with the bands below 40m, you are sure to find much to interest you in this book. Antennas for MF and Above is without doubt one of amateur radio's standard reference works and THE practical guide for everyone interested in antennas for the amateur bands from 630m to 60m.

Size 174x240mm, 112 pages ISBN: 9781 9101 9346 4
This book is also available on Amazon Kindle click here for that version

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ARRL Grounding and Bonding for the Radio AmateurARRL Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur  New

By Ward Silver, N0AX

Proper Station Grounding is important and this ARRL book sets out to explain how to do it safely. This book is specifically aimed at US radio amateurs and provides an intriguing insight into a different electrical system even if it absolutely shouldn't be used as a guide to UK regulations and methods.

ARRL Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur provides information on AC safety in the US and their National Electrical Code but there is much more. Many parts are useful regardless of supply differences and you will find fascinating information on for example lightning protection. The chapter on 'RF Management' is describes preventing unwanted RF currents and voltages from disrupting the normal functions of equipment whilst the 'Good Practice Guidelines' chapter contains a wealth of information that is applicable both here and internationally.

If you are interested in different electrical standards and how they affect station management across the globe ARRL Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur provides a hugely interesting read.

Caution: This book is not intended as a guide to setting up a station in the UK or Europe and some solutions are not compliant with UK/European electrical regulations and thereby may be illegal or deemed dangerous in these areas.

Size: 184 x 229mm, 176 pages ISBN: 9781 6259 5065 9

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More Arduino Projects for Ham RadioMore Arduino Projects for Ham Radio  New

By: Glen Popiel, KW5GP

Building on the success of the original ARRL book Arduino for Ham Radio, this book More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio includes 15 completely new practical and functional Arduino projects for ham radio. This book branches out to use some of the newer Arduino variants and devices. Each project is complete and functional but room has been left for you to add personal touches and enhancements. That's part of the fun of the Arduino and Open Source communities building on the work of others, and then sharing your designs and innovations for others to learn, modify, and improve.

More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio builds a solid foundation through descriptions of the many new Arduino boards and add-on components, followed by a collection of practical ham radio projects. Readers will find a wide variety of applications with projects including Wireless Remote Coax Switch, Yaesu Rotator Controller, Antenna SWR Analyser, two 40 Meter QRP Transceivers and much more.

There is something in More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio for everyone interested in Arduino. This is thoroughly recommended reading for beginners or a seasoned programmer alike.

Size: 208 x 276mm, 500 pages ISBN: 9781 6259 5070 3

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The Owl is OKThe Owl is OK  New
The trials and tribulations of a Radio Ham and a DX-er

by Lee Marsland, G0DBE

For over 30 years Lee Marsland has been a licensed radio amateur. In that time and in 'his own words', there have been plenty of 'trials and tribulations'. Lee brings to this book a light hearted look at how his hobby has become more of a way of life that defines him today.

Lee describes from his first experiences taking the Radio Amateurs Examination run by the City & Guilds through how he gained his Morse certificate, set up his stations, erected towers and even in more recent times encouraged his grandchildren to take and pass their own amateur radio examinations. The book is full of humorous anecdotes from Lee's life including the tale of the title which concerns RSPCA officer taking Lee to task about cruelty to his owl despite it being made of plastic. This book covers a great deal and there is even a chapter titled 'purple rain' which describes the advisability of putting a 57 foot antenna over the wife's washing line. There are the more usual descriptions of Lee's DX activity and the whole book is illustrated with cartons and images.

Lee has written this book in an easy to read style that really brings over his Liverpool heritage. His tale of becoming a radio amateur and its challenges is a great read that provides many a chuckle.

Size: 150 x 229mm, 180 pages, ISBN: 9781 9101 9337 2

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RSGB Embroidered Baseball CapRSGB Embroidered Baseball Cap  New
NEW Design !!!

High Fashion Navy RSGB Baseball Cap with stylish red flashes and sandwich peak

* Luxury low profile design
* Quality 100% Cotton
* Red trim and stripe on peak
* Red inset panels
* Classic Navy colour
* Embroidered colour logo
* Structured 6 panel, low profile cap
* Quality metal buckle

Available to RSGB members only
Price: 6.49

SOTA ExplainedSOTA Explained  New
A beginner's guide to hilltop radio

By Jamie Davies, MM0JMI

Summits on the Air (SOTA), is one of fastest developing award schemes that have come into existence in recent years. For the active hillwalker and the home based chaser of summits alike this programme offers endless fascination. SOTA Explained sets out to provide the essential guide to this programme, hilltop radio and much more besides.

Taking a portable radio station into the hills and operating from a summit is a fascinating and rewarding way to combine the very best aspects of walking and of amateur radio. SOTA activity is also inexpensive providing the opportunity to achieve a great deal in amateur radio. Many appreciate the freedom this sort of operation offers and the benefits of having a high radio station far from urban electrical interference. At altitude even modest sets can deliver astonishing performance: communication across the country and across the continent is routinely available and on many days mountain-to-mountain conversations flow across the world.

SOTA Explained also provides advice for those who do not venture on to the hills but still want to participate in SOTA. There is a whole chapter dedicated to 'chasers' from the bands to choose, how propagation affects your operation, chasing DX stations and rare SOTA activations. Not only does SOTA Explained explain how SOTA works but there is advice on safe hillwalking, setting up simple & cheap SOTA stations and modes of operation. There is technical advice on improving your first station, the antennas to choose and how to run SOTA stations on HF.

The book is not just for those new to SOTA but the more experienced operator will find much of use too. SOTA Explained provides the ideal guide to the SOTA scheme and making hilltop operation easy, social, & fun.

Be warned: after reading this book, you will never see a hilltop in the same way again.

Size: 174 x 240mm, 160 pages, ISBN: 9781 9101 9336 5
This book is also available on Amazon Kindle click here for that version

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International AntennasInternational Antennas  New
Edited by Stephen Appleyard G3PND

Much is published across the world about amateur radio antennas. International Antennas brings together some of the very best material that has been published in recent years. There are over 50 articles included with authors from Australia, Scandinavia, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA and more.

International Antennas has an emphasis is on practical rather than theoretical. You will find descriptions of the construction and performance of antennas enabling the reader to build their own versions. These articles have been written by experienced radio amateurs who have been so pleased with the performance of their particular antenna, that they have been moved to put pen to paper to share this experience.

There is a huge range of antennas included in this book, covering 17 bands from VLF through to 70cm. You will find articles covering the 'stealthy' antennas through to novel approaches to classic antennas. There are verticals, loops, beams and a host of unusual designs. There is so much in fact that the editor has provided a cross reference to see at a glance the bands antennas are designed for and if they are intended for fixed use or mobile/portable operation.

International Antennas is a fabulous collection of antenna articles from around the world. It is intended for everyone who is interested in amateur radio antenna design or is just looking for practical antennas to study and build.

Size: 200 x 234mm, 176 pages
ISBN: 9781 9101 9335 8

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DXing on the Edge - 2nd EditionDXing on the Edge - 2nd Edition  New
The Thrill of 160 Meters
by Jeff Briggs, K1ZM

For many radio amateurs operating on Topband or 160m is endlessly challenging, exciting and intriguing. Building on the success of his first edition author Jeff Briggs, K1ZM, well known as a Topband expert, has extended a book that will appeal to all who operate Topband or are just wondering what is possible on this fascinating band.

This is a specially produced RSGB edition of a US classic brings the best of 160m operating experience to everyone. The book covers how the chronology of DXing on 160m across the years and the personalities involved. Aside from detailed historical information, the author describes many practical antennas and operating techniques that can lead to success on Topband. Successful DXing can though be accomplished even from the trickiest environment and the book includes lots of neat tricks and hints that will help you work the rare ones In the 42 page colour section are new chapters for 'Modern "Off the Shelf" Transmit Solutions', 'Modern Receive Solutions for Smaller Properties' and more.

Beware though. as Topband can be addictive and as a true-blue 160m fan you might well find yourself actually enjoying listening to static crashes, waking up just before dawn for three months just trying to make that seemingly impossible Topband DX QSO. K1ZM has written this book for anyone interested in the history and practice and most of all the enjoyment to be found on 160m.

Size: 222 x 286mm, 256 pages
ISBN: 9781 9101 9333 4

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Radio Propagation ExplainedRadio Propagation Explained  New
Steve Nichols, G0KYA

Understanding radio propagation is essential for anyone with an interest in radio communications who wants to know how signals travel from A to B. Acknowledged expert Steve Nichols, G0KYA Radio Propagation Explained provides everything you need to know about this fascinating topic.

Looking at HF to VHF, UHF and beyond Radio Propagation Explained provides a practical understanding of radio propagation. It looks at the sun, sunspots, ionospheric propagation, ionospheric storms and aurora, tropospheric propagation, meteor scatter and space communications, including satellites and Earth-Moon-Earth signals. The book also includes information on computerised HF propagation predictions, greyline propagation, low frequency (LF) propagation, sporadic E, amateur radio modes like WSPR, PSK and JT, web resources and much more. There are descriptions of the properties of the amateur radio bands and how to get the best performance when using them.

Radio Propagation Explained draws on material from the hugely popular Radio Propagation Principles & Practice book previously published by the RSGB and enhances it with the latest advances in the field of propagation. Steve shows how radio amateurs can by studying propagation can gain a more rewarding experience and increase their chances of making the on-air contacts they want.

Radio Propagation Explained is thoroughly recommended reading for everyone who wants to understand radio propagation and make the most of their radio activities.

This book is also available on Amazon Kindle click here for that version

Size 240x174mm, 128 pages ISBN 9781 9101 9328 0

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RSGB Vintage Rig Guide RSGB Vintage Rig Guide  New
Edited by Steve White, G3ZVW

Amateur radio equipment saw great changes from the 1960s onwards with the arrival of solid state designs and there is much superb equipment from the latter decades of the 20th Century available in the second hand market. This brand new publication focuses-in on the amateur radio equipment from theses decades in the same format as the popular RSGB Rig Guide, describing the basic information about the equipment along with when it was first made and what it may be worth.

Covering the mid-1960s to 1990s the RSGB Vintage Rig Guide covers the equipment from manufacturers that were never in the standard RSGB Rig Guide along with the items that have been discontinued from the listings early editions of that publication. So manufacturers such as Drake, Heathkit and KW are now included for the first time. There are brief synopses of all the manufacturers and a useful guide on what to smell, feel and look for when buying vintage radio equipment. Details of over 300 receivers, transmitters, transceivers and linear amplifiers are included as are likely trade-in and second-hand prices from dealers.

If you are interested in vintage amateur radio equipment, either because you have some, are interested in restoring something or you want to know its likely value this book provides a valuable insight. Recommend reading for anyone interested in old equipment

Size 210x297mm 80pages, ISBN 9781 9101 9330 3


Shipping early November 2016 onwards
Price: 5.99

RSGB Radio Communication HandbookRSGB Radio Communication Handbook  New
Edited by Mike Browne, G3DIH

Since 1938 the RSGB has published RSGB Radio Communication Handbook and it remains one of the most enduring guides in the world to amateur radio technology and practice.

As always this new edition of the RSGB Radio Communication Handbook has been updated, rewritten and provides an invaluable guide to amateur radio theory and practice. With around 600,000 words, 2000 illustrations and diagrams in 25 chapters and two appendices in 864 pages it covers the breadth of amateur radio.

Readers will find explanations from the basic components of amateur radio to semi-conductors through oscillators, amplifiers, mixers, transmitters, receivers and even a complete transceiver project. There are chapters covering design and practice in VHF/UHF, Microwaves and frequencies below 1MHz. RSGB Radio Communication Handbook does not stop here and you will fine chapters dedicated to propagation, antenna basics and transmission lines. Antenna design is not forgotten and you will find whole chapters dedicated to practical antennas for HF, VHF/UHF and Microwaves. There are further chapters covering a wide range of topics from Morse code, Data communications, EMC, Measurement & Test Equipment and even practical guides to the 'the great outdoors' and 'construction and workshop practice'.

You will find hundreds of pages packed with the distilled knowledge and experience of acknowledged experts on each topic. In amateur radio there is always plenty to learn and this book is the ideal way to expand your knowledge on your favourite activity, or to discover and explore something new. Whatever you use it for the RSGB Radio Communication Handbook will become a valuable tool that helps you get the very best out of amateur radio.

Written by 'thinking amateurs', for 'thinking amateurs' the RSGB Radio Communication Handbook is simply the book that every radio amateur should have.

210x297mm 864 pages ISBN: 9781 9101 9326 6

Delivery: Please note that due to weight this item attracts a higher than usual postal charge in the UK (orders over £30 are still free if this book is included). For the same reason this item is not available for overseas shipping as the cost of carriage often exceeds the cost of the book. Overseas customers may order an alternative product please CLICK HERE for details.

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Restoring Old Radio SetsRestoring Old Radio Sets  New
By Philip Lawson, G4FCL

For many there is nothing more charming than an old broadcast receiver glowing away in a substantial wooden or Bakelite case. However these are now a rarity and it is much more likely that old radio sets will be non-working curios found at car boot sale in a dusty, unloved condition. Restoring Old Radio Set is a book that sets out to provide a step-by-step guide to bringing an old set back to life, getting it working properly, and restoring its looks.

Restoring Old Radio Sets is a practical guide that explains what you need to do, and how to do it when bringing an old radio back to life. You will find inside topics that include cleaning methods for electrical and mechanical parts, making typical electrical repairs and the process for performing live tests. There are sections on fault-finding methods and alignment & calibration of the working set. There are even useful guides to one of the major keys to completing a successful restoration - knowing how to treat the cabinet, be that - wood, Bakelite, or plastic. The tools, materials, and techniques needed for your restoration are all discussed along with the care and maintenance of the finished item. Safety issues are not forgotten and the hazards inherent in such a restoration are discussed and what can be done minimize them, are covered in depth.

Restoring Old Radio Sets provides a fascinating insight into the world of the radio set restoration, usually the preserve of dedicated enthusiasts and specialist restorers. This book is one of the few available on this topic that is aimed at someone with a basic knowledge of electronics but wishes restore an old set. The author Philip Lawson, G4FCL gives you the benefit of his knowledge, skills, and experience to help you undertake the job within a safe environment. Armed with this book, the reader should be able to tackle an old set, get it working safely and finish-up with a really attractive piece of domestic furniture.

Size 174x240mm, 80 pages ISBN: 9781 9101 9322 8
This book is also available on Amazon Kindle click here for that version

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Rig Guide Rig Guide  New
Edited by Steve White, G3ZVW

What should you pay for a second hand radio?

The Rig Guide is a unique publication that sets out to answer the question 'what is the right price for this radio?'. What will you get for a radio if you trade it in or try to buy or sell it on an online auction site? - The Rig Guide provides the answer.

* Buy New
* Second Hand
* Trade-in

The Rig Guide continues to define the prices of amateur radio equipment in the UK, fully updated and covering more than ever before The Rig Guide is rightly one of the most popular amateur radio books around.

If you are planning to buy or sell any amateur radio equipment you should not be without The Rig Guide. The book begins with tips for buyers and a guide to selling and trading. There is a handy guide to selling on ebay and even tips on how to avoid getting lumbered with stolen gear. The Rig Guide contains a list of the abbreviations used in the descriptions and an explanation of them all. Amateurs trust RSGB reviews and a full list of RadCom reviews since 1990 is included and when piece of equipment was reviewed by RadCom it is highlighted on the listing.

The Rig Guide isn't limited to popular commercial amateur radio transceivers but also covers receivers, scanners and linear amplifiers too. You'll find extensive lists of past models from Acom to Yaesu, with over 20 manufacturers listed in-between, including Icom, TenTec, Kenwood, etc. We're not just talking about current models either and you will even find details on the many Chinese manufacturers. DSP isn't forgotten either with a dedicated section on the equipment available. Overall The Rig Guide contains details of around 400 of pieces of amateur radio equipment covering HF, VHF & UHF. Each item is described in an easy to understand listing that covers its main features, band coverage etc. with a photograph of the equipment.

Knowing the worth of any piece of equipment means you can easily cover the cost of The Rig Guide with just one purchase or sale. Selling or Buying, you need a copy of The Rig Guide, don't be at a disadvantage - buy a copy today!

Size: 210x297mm, 96 pages ISBN: 9781 9101 9320 4

Price: 5.99

Morse Code for Radio Amateurs - 12th EditionMorse Code for Radio Amateurs - 12th Edition  New

By Roger Cooke, G3LDI

This newly expanded and updated 12th edition of Morse Code for Radio Amateurs is simply the 'book' for everyone who wants to learn all about Morse code and get the huge enjoyment that can be achieved from using it.

Published by the RSGB since 1947 Morse Code for Radio Amateurs has always been the standard for books covering Morse code and this edition is no exception. Written by Morse code enthusiast Roger Cooke, G3LDI this edition is a third bigger than its predecessor. As you would expect this book begins with a history of Morse code and moves to what it means to Radio Amateurs. There is advice that explains Morse code keys and how to choose your own. There is information of how to start learning the code, increasing your speed and guides to the software included that teaches you the code. There is even advice that discusses the correct way to use a straight 'pump' as well as modern keys and paddles. The book also provides guides to the abbreviations, prosigns and Q codes used in Morse code. There are helpful lists of resources available to those setting out learning the code from Beacons, Morse broadcasts, using computers and even operating in contests for when you are more proficient.

One of the outstanding features of this book is the special dual mode CD that is included. This provides more than an hour of audio recordings of Morse code at 5, 10, 15, and 21 words per minute. This provides the ideal opportunity to learn Morse code in the car or at leisure by playing it in any regular CD player. It doesn't however stop there as the CD also has a special computer readable section that contains a whole host of Morse software that teaches Morse, Morse Contesting and much more. The audio files are also included as MP3 files so they can be played on a PC or even downloaded to a portable player. The CD is also packed with bonus material such as additional articles and pictures and an array of web links.

Morse Code for Radio Amateurs provides everything you need to get started in Morse code apart from perhaps the Key itself. This remains the 'book' for anyone wanting to add Morse code to their skills.

Size 210x297mm, 64pages, ISBN: 9781 9101 9319 8

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Elimination of Electrical Noise  Elimination of Electrical Noise  New
2nd Edition

By Don Pinnock, G3HVA

Electrical Noise is a problem for most radio amateurs today and many are forced off the radio bands because of it. Don Pinnock, G3HVA, is a firm believer that radio amateurs not be forced from the air but should deal with these problems instead. This new second edition of Elimination of Electrical Noise tells of Don's personal experiences in doing this, and provides solutions to noise problems that will help many.

Elimination of Electrical Noise details the various types of noise 30kHz to 30MHz, from computers to electrical light fittings and much besides. Faulty or maladjusted machinery or electronic devices can produce so much interference that normal reception is considerably affected. Computers are almost an essential in a modern shack. New to this edition is a chapter on how to reduce or eliminate noise from the computer equipment itself and from the numerous interconnecting leads. Even equipment operating below or close to International Standards can generate enough electrical noise to severely reduce the chances of a nearby amateur being able to enjoy his chosen hobby.

In Elimination of Electrical Noise, Don describes how to track down a noise source, how to deal with it at its source, and how to put up defences in your own station to reduce noise entering via the mains wiring. He reports on his own experiments with selecting wire antennas that have the potential for increased immunity to external noise. And for those looking for a new house, there's advice on how to choose it from the point of view of noise.

If you suffer from electrical noise problems, Don's experiences and advice may well provide the solution you are looking for. Elimination of Electrical Noise provides the help you may need to take charge, tackle that noise problem and get the most from your hobby.

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Hart ReviewsHart Reviews  New
The Best of RadCom Equipment Reviews

by Peter Hart, G3SJX

There are 'amateur radio equipment reviews' and then there are 'Peter Hart, G3SJX equipment reviews'. For 35 years Peter has been writing amateur radio equipment reviews for the Radio Society of Great Britain's journal RadCom. These have simply been some of the best equipment reviews published anywhere. These reviews are not theoretical testing or publishing of claimed data but real world testing of performance and analytical reporting of how amateur radio antennas, radios, amplifiers, etc. really work.

Hart Reviews -The Best of RadCom Equipment Reviews builds on Peter's first book that covered his first 25 years of his reviews and collects together reviews that have been published in RadCom since 2004. Readers will find an array of equipment and manufacturers represented with all the major radios launched in the last 10 years included. From the Acom to Yaesu you find much represented here including Kenwood, Icom, Elecraft and even the mighty Hilberling PT-8000A. SDR radios are not forgotten and you will find Flex, Elad, SoftRock and others included. Antennas and Amplifiers reviews from suppliers as diverse as Butternut, Alphin and Linear Amp also get the same Peter Hart treatment. With Peter's practical review style, the ability to compare equipment tested in the same real world cannot be underestimated. The performance figures can be relied on as what an average amateur is likely to achieve. This book is not only a fascinating view of the advance of amateur radio equipment in recent years but is a valuable guide to anyone seeking to buy new and second hand equipment. There are even a few of the more popular equipment reviews from the previous book have also been included to allow comparison.

It is not difficult to see why equipment reviews have always been popular and it is not surprising to see why RadCom equipment reviews by Peter Hart are considered by many as the 'best' amateur radio equipment reviews available. Hart Reviews -The Best of RadCom Equipment Reviews is a great book for everyone interested in amateur radio equipment in the real world.

Size: 210x297, 192 pages, ISBN: 9781 9101 9306 8

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